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Travel Series Superlatives: Best Scorer & Biggest Stock Riser

As wrap up the travel basketball season and head into the high school season, we look back on the 2020 LakePoint Travel Series. With the whole season crammed into a matter of weeks, it was a hectic, but very fun ride with a lot of good basketball and noteworthy performances to look back on.

Best Scorer

Dan McDonald: Brody Peebles (Pro One, Pictured)

There are so many good options for this category as we had a ton of standout scoring performances throughout the summer. Because he played three of our events and probably scored the most points in the Champions Center this summer, I’m going with Brody Peebles here. He was regularly scoring 30 points or more in games. The Liberty commit is a knock-down shooter from three-point range, but he really just has a knack for finding a way to get the ball in the bucket any way possible.

Carter Wilson: Kowacie Reeves (Team Georgia Magic)

We only got to see the Florida commit a couple of times during the summer, but man did he impress. Not only does he score the ball in volume, but he does so in the most impressive ways. Every level, a number of different kinds of shots. He has it all in his bag. He knocks down threes with consistency, whether defended or not, he can score it in the midrange, and he is a very underrated finisher at the rim. He put on a show in the short amount of time that he played this summer for sure, and the Gators are getting a very good player with him. His play definitely left an imprint on my mind.

Biggest Stock Riser

Dan McDonald: Miles Kelly (ATL Hoops)

Miles Kelly is one of the many prospects that could have been mentioned as the best scorer, but I think he’s an easy call for the biggest stock riser at LakePoint Hoops events this summer. He came into the summer with a relatively quiet recruitment and only held a few low-major Division 1 offers. After playing in both the LakePoint LIVE Showcase and LakePoint LIVE Showcase II, he added scholarship offers from Georgia Tech, Miami, Missouri, Mississippi State, NC State, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, VCU and Wake Forest. He’s also now ranked inside the top 100 on He’s a super smooth scorer at 6-foot-5 with a ton of upside.

Carter Wilson: Dylan Wolle (Georgia Legacy)

Wolle came into the summer of his 16U season without a ton of accolades, and left with his name on a lot of collegiate radars as well as Division I offers in hand from Mercer and Jacksonville. The Georgia Legacy played one of their first games of the summer against the Atlanta Celtics in a really close game which had our entire staff watching. When the game ended, I told our other staff members that Wolle was easily a Division I player and would get a big boost going into his junior season. And he did just that. He's a really good scorer and shooter who lit up the LakePoint nets all summer and in our Fall League as well. Good things are going to keep coming his way throughout the next year-plus.


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