What is RYZE Hoops?

RYZE Hoops is a new basketball platform based at LakePoint Sports in Atlanta, Georgia. RYZE Hoops includes basketball tournaments, leagues, camps and a training program. We also plan to increase our coverage of all basketball events through RYZEHoops.com as well as our social media platforms (@RYZEHoops).

Why start RYZE Hoops?

The purpose behind starting RYZE Hoops is to take basketball at LakePoint to the next level. The media coverage of our events as well as other basketball around the state, regionally and even nationally will be second to none. The new platform has also been designed to expand our basketball program beyond the walls of the LakePoint Sports Champions Center.

When will the RYZE Hoops platform go into effect?

Immediately. Increased coverage of the high school basketball will begin right away and continue into travel season. There will also be new events, leagues and camps added to the calendar beginning in 2021.

Where will RYZE Hoops events take place?

Currently, all 2021 events will stay on campus at the state-of-the-art LakePoint Sports Champions Center; however, options are currently being explored for events elsewhere as well. Starting in 2022, RYZE Hoops events will start looking into taking our events on the road to other venues around Georgia and throughout the Southeast.

How will RYZE Hoops help student athletes?

Our staff will work tirelessly to bring in the best competition for athletes to compete against to show off their own talent. All of our events at the Champions Center will be live streamed via LakePoint Live for college coaches to watch. Our staff will provide elite coverage of events and we will have other media members and scouts in attendance as well.

Who do we contact with questions about RYZE Hoops?

Our direct messages will be open on both Twitter and Instagram. You can also contact Dan McDonald (dan.mcdonald@lakepointsports.com) or Carter Wilson (carter.wilson@lakepointsports.com) with questions about RYZE Hoops.