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Six 2023 Guards to Watch For This Travel Season

The high school season has come to an end, and it's time to fire up the travel basketball for the spring and summer. Here are five 2023 guards to keep an eye on over the coming weeks and months:

Brent Bowman (Pictured)

Bowman is coming off of a great high school season with Lakeview Ft. Oglethorpe, where he averaged over 20 points per game. He has a great overall offensive skill set and should become a player to watch for Division I programs. His ability to create off the dribble should be on full display this travel season and we expect him to gain a lot of attention.

Kory Mincy

Mincy had a ton of success down the stretch of the season, and we should see that continue as we head into the travel season. His energy level on both ends of the floor should be fun to watch this spring and summer as he is one of the best two-way players in Georgia. He's very good off the bounce offensively and can score the ball in bunches, and he is one of the best backcourt defenders around as well.

Brandon Rechsteiner

Rechsteiner's talent is no secret at this point in the 2023 class in the Peach. This spring will see the recruitment aspect start to match the talent level as college coaches start to dial in on the 2023 class. He could easily become one of the most popular guard prospects in the state as well as in the southeast and should gain a lot of attention from very good programs. His abilities on the offensive end of the floor are very advanced, and we are looking forward to seeing them on display again this spring and summer.

Jeremiah Taylor

Taylor is one of the better sleepers that we have in Georgia's 2023 class currently after a very good season at South Paulding. He can play both positions in the backcourt and has great size and physical abilities at 6-foot-2. He's a very good scorer off the bounce and is a creative and effective finisher around the rim. He could be a name people learn about this spring.

Jay Boyd

Hiram made a great run to the Elite Eight in the state tournament this year, and Boyd was a big part of that run. His name started to really pick up steam down the stretch of the season, and we think that will continue into the travel season. He's a very good all-around offensive player and makes the plays that other players may not be willing to, which translates to high productivity.

Isaac Martin

King's Ridge had a very good high school season, and Martin was one of the catalysts to their team making a run to the state championship game. He's one of the state's most skilled guards and shoots the ball from three at a very high level. He plays with a high IQ, makes the right reads, and has tremendous feel and poise. College programs will definitely want to keep track of him this season.


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