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Shiloh Takes Down Buckhorn at Holiday Hoopsgiving

An early afternoon game on day one of Holiday Hoopsgiving featured Shiloh and Buckhorn (AL).

Shiloh built a big early lead with their pressure, forcing turnovers and getting easy buckets to lead at the half by double figures.

Buckhorn did not go down easy, however. Freshman Caleb Holt led a comeback to challenge for the lead late in the game.

However, Shiloh was able to make plays and convert free throws down the stretch to win it 59-58.

Emmanuel Okogie, Nazir Griffin, and Tylis Jordan combined to create a lot of the offense for the Generals in the win.

Buckhorn 2026 guard Caleb Holt showed why he's so highly touted, scoring the ball from every level of the floor.


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