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RYZE Update: Moustapha Diop

How long have you been in America?

11 months. I was born in Senegal but moved to Spain with my mom. Then came to America. I played at Walker school my freshman year, last year.

How’s your recruitment going (offers/interest)?

Going well. I have offers from Auburn, Ole Miss, S Florida, Ga Tech, UGA, Mizzou.

What’s one thing you want to show you’ve improved on this past summer to everyone this upcoming season?

My shooting. With Walker and Game Elite I play different roles where I have to do a a lot of different things but I want to show my shooting most.

What are your goals this upcoming season?

Win the region then think about state. Win player of the year in the region. I’m not selfish so most important thing is to win the region then try for state.


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