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RYZE Tip Off Classic Top Performers Pt. 4

Chace North, SEBA Warriors

North could be a name to remember in Georgia's 2026 class. He went for double figures in every game, averaging 15 points per game on the weekend. He's got good size in the backcourt and has the makings of a very high level athlete with his ability to move and get off the floor. He finished very well around the rim and was consistently able to score off the dribble.

Carby Martin AE5 3SSB

Martin was one of the pleasant surprises in the entire field, and was one of three AE5 players that averaged 15 or more points per game. A strongly built 6-foot-3, he showed the ability to play both backcourt spots and be very reliable with the ball in his hands as a playmaker and decision maker. He used his size and physicality to his advantage, taking smaller guards off the bounce and finishing with contact around the rim.

Sean Caballero, Team Scoot

The Team Scoot 16U group arguably had the best weekend of any team, and Caballero was a big reason for it. He was one of three players to average double figures on the team, going for over 15 points per game. The 6-foot-3 lefty guard was very effective as a shot maker from three and in the midrange and showed he can do it both off the catch and off the dribble.

Amir Taylor, Game Elite 3SSB

Sometimes it's hard for true post players to shine during the travel season, but Taylor's skill level really showed through at the Tip Off Classic. He's a throwback type of player on the block with a number of moves and great footwork as well as the ability to finish in a variety of ways. He also showed the ability to step out and knock down perimeter shots.

Landon Chattam, DUKE

Chattam finished as one of the top scorers in the 17U division at over 17 points per game and showed a variety of ways to get it done. He had huge games shooting the ball from three, and connected on 12 threes on the weekend. He's got good size and length at 6-foot-3 coupled with solid athleticism, which allows him to be effective finisher around the rim as well as a versatile defender.

Will Kuimjian, Atlanta Timberwolves

Kuimjian really turned up his production as the weekend went on, scoring the ball very well over the Timberwolves' last three games. He's a very solid playmaker with a high skill level, loads of toughness, and a savvy off the dribble. He makes great reads with the ball in his hands and showed that he can be effective as a scorer both on and off the ball. He was one of the biggest competitors in the field.


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