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RYZE Tip Off Classic Top performers Pt. 3

JR Leonard, AE5 3SSB

Leonard proved that he is one of the best bucket getters in the Peach in 2025, showing that he is one of the toughest guards to contain off the dribble. He has a tremendous pull-up game in the midrange with the size and length to shoot over defenders. He also consistently gets to the rim and finishes or draws contact to get to the free throw line. He's a very high level scorer.

Eddie Cooke III, TSF EYBL

Cooke averaged over 16 points per game on the weekend, including a huge 25-point effort against STARS Basketball Club. He has the size and strength in the backcourt to be effective off the dribble, using his physicality to his advantage and get to good spots and convert. He was also consistently good shooting the ball from three, which makes him an even bigger offensive threat.

Moustapha Diop, Game Elite 3SSB

The ceiling is sky high on the 2026 forward, who has a ton of mobility and versatility at 6-foot-9. He proved that he has the ability to take over a game on both ends of the floor, with a high skill set on the offensive side and the ability to guard multiple spots and protect the rim on the defensive side. His potential is scary and as he continues to develop, look for Power Five programs to keep jumping in on his recruitment.

Tre Winters, Wood Elite

Winters went for 17+ points in three of four games this weekend, and his combination of size and athleticism really shined. He's elite in the open floor and can make some big time finishes above the rim. He also showed that his physical tools make him a difficult cover off the dribble for opposing wings as he consistently found his way to the rim as well as drew a lot of fouls.

David Williams, Georgia Stunners

Williams was a very consistent scorer over the weekend, averaging over 17 points per game and going for 16+ points in all four games for the Stunners. His offense was facilitated by his defense, where he was able to create turnovers and get into the open floor and finish in transition. He also shot the ball well from three and was a threat in catch-and-shoot situations on the wing.

TJ Lewis, Carolina Pressure

Lewis was one of the leading scorers in the 16U division at 19 points per game. He makes his mark as a sniper from three point range and knocked down 3 or more threes in three games this weekend. He has solid size and length at a long 6-foot-2, which helps him get his shot off and also makes him effective on the defensive side of the floor as well. He was one of the best shooters in the field.

Richard Rojas, Drill Academy

We've seen Rojas on our scoring leaderboards in the past, so it's no surprise that he was one of the leaders in the 17U division this weekend at over 24 points per game including two 30+ point efforts. He's always aggressive looking for his offense off the dribble and consistently able to get to the rim, where he is a very creative and efficient finisher.


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