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RYZE Tip Off Classic Top Performers Pt. 1

Jalan Wingfield, AE5 3SSB

After missing the 23-24 high school season, Wingfield showed that he's on a mission to remind everyone that he is one of the top dogs in the Peach regardless of class. At 6-foot-7, he's extremely physical and strong and can finish over, around, or through opposing defenders. He can also put the ball on the floor from the mid-post and perimeter and knock down shots from every level of the floor. He's a matchup disaster for defenses and he should have a huge blow up this summer.

Josiah Parker, Game Elite 3SSB

Parker looks primed to have a huge spring and summer, and he could become one of the more highly sought-after players in Georgia's 2025 class. He has great size and versatility at 6-foot-7 and his combination of skill set and activity level make him a difficult player to match up with. Offensively, he can play on the interior and on the perimeter. He makes plays off the dribble and is an incredible passer. Defensively, he can guard multiple spots and hits the glass hard. Expect his recruitment to skyrocket in the coming months.

Ryan Hampton, Game Elite 3SSB

Hampton's ceiling is sky-high, and you will see his name among the top players nationally in the class of 2027. He has elite level physical tools at a long 6-foot-6 with effortless athleticism. He also has a high skill set, and his ability to consistently get to the rim off the dribble shined bright this weekend. He's a creative finisher in the paint and consistently showed the ability to convert or draw contact and get to the line. He was one of the top scorers in the field and his trajectory should be on a steep upward trend over the next couple of years.

Noah Treadwell, Team Legit Paper

College programs looking for a great bucket getter to add to their 2024 class should be taking a look at Treadwell. He's physically ready for the next level at a strong 6-foot-4 and is a complete scorer who can do it from every level of the floor. He averaged over 21 points per game on the weekend and shot the ball very well from the perimeter, connecting on over 4 threes per game. He can do it both off the catch and off the dribble and his ability to make shots should make him a very attractive prospect for college programs.

Tyler Lesch, Redline UA Rise

Lesch was one of the top scorers in the field at 22 points per game, including a big 31-point performance in a win over Sewer South. Hes a very good shot maker and consistently was a threat from three off the catch. He also showed that he can attack closeouts off the dribble and connect from the midrange or get to the rim, where he is a creative finisher. He has the makings of a very good three-level scorer and as he continues to develop, you could see some high scoring totals from him.

Lawson Rice, STARS Basketball Club UA

Rice was one of the best front court players in the field this weekend, and he made his mark on both ends of the floor. Defensively, he might have been the biggest standout in the gym, consistently giving tremendous effort and blocking shots. He had a number of chase-down blocks preventing transition buckets, and he also showed he can switch out on opposing guards and keep them in front. Offensively, he showed athleticism finishing at the rim with the ability to step out and hit shots from the perimeter off the catch. He's a guy Division I programs will want on watch-lists.

Kobi Cooper, Mike Dean Athletics

Cooper is a very solid sleeper in Northwest Georgia. He can play both spots in the backcourt, and has very good size and length 6-foot-4. He was constantly in attack mode and consistently beat defenders off the bounce, getting to the rim and finishing at a high level. He can also defend multiple positions, create some chaos with deflections using his length, and also help protect the rim. He's a name college programs will want to know.

Donaven Thomas, Griffin Grasshoppers

Thomas was one of the most consistent scorers in the field, going over the 20-point mark in every game and averaging over 23 points per game. He showed a wide range of skills and had diverse types of games as far as his production. He had games where he looked very good getting to the rim and to the midrange off the bounce and converting at the rim and in the paint. He then finished his weekend showing his three-point stroke, connecting on six threes. Overall, he showed a very complete scoring ability.


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