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RYZE Tip Off Classic 17U Top Performers Pt. 3

Emeka Iloh, Team Huncho (Pictured)

Overall, Iloh was one of the best bigs in the field and left his impact as one of the better big men in Georgia's 2022 class. He has great size, at a well-built 6-foot-9 and uses his strength to the best of his ability. He cannot be bullied on either end of the floor and he is as tough a guy as you'll find. He rebounds hard and protects the rim. He showed everything you like to see from a young big.

Joyful Hawkins, Atlanta Celtics

Another one of the better forwards in the field, Hawkins has a really good skillset and proved that he is a high level recruit in 2022. Offensively, he can stretch the floor and make shots as well as beat you on the interior. He's a very good athlete and finishes well above the rim as well as high-points rebounds well. He continues to develop and continuously shows bright signs in his game.

Samaad Wright, PSB Elite Lowery

Wright was a constant rim attacker all weekend. He was really good off the dribble and getting into the paint for floaters and finishes around the rim. One notable part of his game is his ability to pressure the ball defensively and create turnovers to turn into easy offense on the other end. He was one of the leading scorers in 17U on the weekend, averaging over 23 points per game.

Makaleb McBride, Hollywood Stars

McBride is a really talented scoring guard, who probably does not get the recognition that he deserves in Georgia's 2022 class. He has solid size and length and is very creative off the dribble and with his finishes around the rim. He loves to use a nifty euro-step to get by defenders and put the ball in the basket. He capped off the weekend with a 29-point performance, showing that he can connect on three-balls and shoot it well from the perimeter.

Josh Fulton, AC Georgia

It look a little while for Fulton to find his groove in AC Georgia's first event of the season, but when he did, he really turned it on. He went for 25 points in both games on Sunday and really found his scoring. He shot the ball well from the perimeter and attacked opposing defenders off the dribble as well. He has a really sound overall game and has a well-rounded and diverse arsenal that he can go to in order to score the ball.

Jalen Forrest, Team Forrest

Bully. That is the word that comes to mind when we think of Forrest's game. He is a combo guard with great strength, and he can use his frame to move opposing guards out of the way to get to the rim and score. He's also not shy about getting contact and goes to the free throw line a ton, where he converts at a high level. He's a very unique player and should be a notable name in the Peach through the remainder of the travel season.

Sami Pissis, Game Elite Big Five

Pissis stepped off the bench and into the biggest game of the weekend against Team Huncho and made his presence felt immediately. He does not shy away from big moments and shined with all eyes on him and his team. He knocked down three triples in that game and capped off his weekend with a monster dunk. He solidified himself as a Division I prospect this weekend.

Kash Grady, Atlanta Xpress Black

Versatility is the name of the game with Kash Grady. He really fits with the modern game and really makes his impact on the defensive side of the floor. He has the ability to be a relentless on-ball defender who can guard multiple spots and switch ball screens. His offense came to the tune of almost 15 points per game and he shot the ball well from three.


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