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RYZE Tip Off Classic 16U Top Performers Pt. 1

David Thomas, Team Huncho (Pictured)

Since he has come onto the scene, Thomas has had a big reputation as a scoring guard. He backed that up by leading the 16U division in scoring. However, where our staff was raving about him were in his ability to diagnose plays, make the right reads, and his feel for the lead guard position. He's a true point guard and as tough as they come. He also has the ability to be a big time two-way player and can really guard the ball on the defensive side.

Carson Muse, Team Grind

The 6-foot-6 combo forward was a big eye-opener this weekend. He shined as a scorer and did it from every level of the floor. He is a very good player in pick-and-rolls and pick-and-pops, finishing while rolling to the rim or shooting from three. He is a good athlete with good strength and can finish with contact at the rim. He also averaged over four triples per game.

Mansir Williamson, Atlanta Xpress Black

One of our staff members likened Williamson to current Georgia State guard Kane Williams, and the comparison is a good one. Williamson is a lefty with good size for a lead guard with good length and a strong build. He is able to use his physicality to beat defenders off the bounce, where he is able to get to the rim and score or set up teammates. He's aggressive in looking for his offense and getting to the paint, and he is a creative finisher around the rim.

William Jobe, Team Dickerson 2024

If you're looking for a player that really fits the modern game, Jobe is it. He is a 6-foot-9 forward that has the foundations of a good perimeter skill set and can really stretch the floor with his shooting ability. He was one of the best three point shooters on the weekend. His ceiling is still extremely high, so he will definitely be a name that you hear a lot of over the next couple of years.

JaQuez Akins, Infinite Skillz

Akins is a pure scorer and is always looking to get a bucket. He was consistently in the 20-point range on the weekend. If you put together a list of all the ways that he scored it, you would have had a long list as he did it in a variety of ways. He's able to create for himself off the dribble, and he has a strong frame that allows him to finish creatively in the paint. He will be one of the southside's premier scorers over the next couple of years.


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