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RYZE Live Showcase III Top Performers Pt. 1

Jett Montgomery, STARS Basketball Club

Our Carter Wilson said that Montgomery had the best weekend that he's seen from a player this spring. And it's difficult to disagree. He averaged 25.7 points per game on the weekend, but it's not only his numbers that stand out. Yes, he's a tremendous scorer and can do it from all over the floor. But he does all of the little things that add up to wins: he defends, he's tough, he plays with a high IQ and savvy, and he gets to every loose ball. He's going to make a Division I program very happy in the future.

Kenan Orlovic, AC Georgia

Orlovic scored the ball consistently all weekend, showing a very good and diverse skill set that allows him to score the ball inside and out. He shot the ball at a high level from three and did it off the catch and off the dribble. He also has a lot of tricks in his bag in the post and mid-post and can score at a high level there as well. He also flashed some ability to play on the perimeter with the ball in his hands at moments where he was called upon to do so.

Cris Carroll, TSF Elite Slone

Carroll made a number of plays throughout the weekend that had the gym buzzing. He's extremely versatile with ideal physical abilities for the next level. He has the ability to play tough on the interior, but he's blossomed as a modern type of player that can also play on the perimeter as a playmaker, creating big matchup problems as well as pushing in transition after hitting the glass on the defensive end.

Antonio Scott, Team Georgia Magic

Scott was one of the top scorers in the 16U division at over 19 points per game. He's incredibly quick off the dribble and was able to beat defenders all weekend and get into the paint and to the rim. He has a knack for knowing how to get to his spots and be an effective scorer and playmaker. He also understands the aspect of drawing contact and getting himself to the free throw line, which makes him even more efficient.

Bronson Blair, Team SMASH Blue

We've come to learn that Blair is a straight up bucket getter. He's always in attack mode looking for his offense and a way to put the ball in the basket. He was the leading scorer in the 16U division again this weekend, at over 20 points per game. He shot the ball well from the perimeter as we've seen him do a lot this spring, but a ton of his offense this weekend was getting to the rim and finishing with strength in the paint.

Khaven Cochran, Georgia Travelers

The Georgia Travelers made a big run to the championship game in the 15U division, and Cochran's scoring ability was a major reason why. He was incredibly consistent all weekend, going for 17 or more points in all five games, including a big 28 point performance to end pool play. He's a sharpshooter from the perimeter, and consistently knocked down shots both off the catch and off the dribble all weekend. He's a name to keep an eye on in West Georgia in the coming years.


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