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RYZE Live Showcase II Super SIx

The RYZE Live Showcase II has come and gone, and so many talented players continue to leave their mark on the 2021 travel season on our stage. The RYZE Super Six represents the six best overall performers from every weekend, all of whom stood out in their own way. Here are the Super Six that separated themselves at the RYZE Hoops Live Showcase II:

Jaylen Curry, Anthony Morrow Elite

Curry was the best pure scorer in the field at Live Showcase II. He's always a threat to put a big number on opposing teams, and he proved that by averaging 29 points per game on the weekend. He's a shifty lefty who is very quick off the dribble and can create for himself getting to the rim or creating space and shooting the ball from the perimeter. He's a knock-down shooter from three and can truly beat you from all three levels of the floor. Certified bucket getter.

Jermahri Hill, Team Huncho

Hill continued his good play this spring with another outstanding showing at Live Showcase II. He has good instincts about getting to his spots and converting for points, but he really showcased his playmaking abilities over the weekend. He operates really well in ball screens and makes good reads with the ball in his hands. He keeps the ball on a string and has great burst and strength that allow him to beat defenders off the dribble. He will continue to trend upward next month in front of college coaches.

Jelani Hamilton, AOT

As a 6-foot-5 combo guard, Hamilton has the physical tools and offensive abilities that make for an obvious high-level prospect. He has made his name as a player who can really shoot the basketball from the perimeter, which he did well this weekend, converting on four threes per game. But he also shined this weekend getting to the rim and using his athleticism to finish at the rim. He plays well both on and off the ball and as he continues to show his well-roundedness offensively he will continue to trend upward.

Aidan Hadaway, Atlanta Timberwolves

Hadaway's play this spring has garnered a lot of buzz among recruiting circles, and he will be a player that college programs all over the country will have a curious eye on in the next two months. He brought the full arsenal to put on display this weekend: the high motor was there as always, he scored off the dribble, shot it well from three, and was a beast on the boards. He continues to show all the makings of a high-major prospect and look for offers and interest to come pouring in soon.

Jakai Newton, Atlanta Xpress

Newton was a huge part of the championship weekend for Atlanta Xpress, scoring the ball at a high level and proving that he is one of Georgia's better perimeter threats in 2023. He was efficient shooting the ball from the perimeter and showed that he can attack off the dribble and finish in the paint. He's highly athletic and can make some electrifying finishes at the rim. Overall he averaged 20 points per game on the weekend and looked very impressive with his level of efficiency.

London Johnson, Game Elite

Johnson is an extremely crafty scorer off the dribble and he showed that with a huge 44-point performance in the semifinals against the Georgia Stars. He is at his best operating in ball screens, where he can read the coverage from the defense and react. He showed he can shoot it from the perimeter when defenders go under screens and he can attack hedging players or split the defense and get into the paint and finish. He made a number of high level plays and reads that are rare to see in young guards and he was very fun to watch all weekend.


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