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RYZE Live Showcase II 17U Top Performers Pt. 3

Cayden Charles, SEBA FCI Warriors (Pictured)

Charles was a top performer at Live Showcase I, and he topped that performance at Live Showcase II. He's a true two-way player and an elite level defender that always guards the opposing team's best backcourt player and creates a ton of turnovers and deflections. Offensively he knows where to find his spots and makes the right play at the right time. He also shot the ball well from three, adding another dimension to his game.

Chase Cormier, Game Elite

Cormier's skill level allows him to do things that others guards cannot do. He's a high level shooter and can make shots from all over the court and well beyond the three-point line. He's also a creative passer and is not afraid to thread the needle with passes into tight windows. He should see a lot of attention from college programs over the next two months and will be an interesting prospect to watch for.

Gora Niang, AOT

Motor, athleticism, and toughness. Those are the three words that come to mind with Niang's performance over the weekend. He was one of the best rebounders in the field and his activity level on the interior is a true difference maker. He rebounds out of his area and gets to any 50/50 loose balls. He can also finish with emphasis above the rim and through contact and his size and strength were on full display.

Josh Fulton, AC Georgia

Fulton was ninth in the 17U Platinum Division in scoring at over 21 points per game despite missing the end of the semifinal game. He continues to show his ability to shoot the ball from three and a high level of athleticism. He gets off of the floor very quickly and has great explosion into leaps for finishes above the rim or to block shots. He always seem to make an impact in multiple ways every time out.

David Thomas, Team Huncho

Thomas played up with the Team Huncho 17's this weekend and provided a huge scoring punch for their backcourt. He's a high level bucket getter around the rim and in the midrange and seems to be able to find angles and finish everything. He has a solid shooting stroke in the midrange and from three as well. He has great scoring instincts and is one of Georgia's best scorers in 2023.

MJ Jones, Hawks Elite

Hawks Elite was one of the highest scoring teams in the entire field over the weekend, and Jones was a big part of that scoring. He averaged over 19 points per game on the weekend and was very good scoring the ball from the perimeter and knocking down threes. He's quick off the bounce and has a great first step and dribble moves to get by defenders and get into the paint, where he can read secondary defenders and make plays.


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