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RYZE Live Showcase II 17U Top Performers Pt. 2

Malique Ewin, Team Huncho (Pictured)

The mobility and skill level from the Team Huncho 6-foot-9 big man are always something to behold. This weekend, the motor and tenacity came with it rounding out a very impressive weekend for him. He finishes around the rim as well as anyone in the state and has great footwork to go along with it. Defensively, he was very active blocking and altering shots as well as moving his feet and staying in front of guards when switched onto them.

Damoni Harrison, Promise Elite

Harrison had the eyes of our staff coming into the weekend, and he did not disappoint. With good size and length at 6-foot-4, he's able to play both positions in the backcourt and has a diverse skill set. He has an alpha dog mentality on both ends of the floor and loves to be aggressive in finding his offense, getting downhill toward the rim with the ability to connect on perimeter jumpers as well. He's trending upward in Georgia's 2022 class and will have the curiosity of college coaches during the next two months.

Umar Lawson, Anthony Morrow Elite

Lawson finished second in scoring in the 17U Platinum division at almost 25 points per game, just behind his backcourt mate Jaylen Curry. He found a lot of success off the bounce and getting to the rim. He has a strong build and a variety of moves off the dribble that allow him to turn corners on defenders and get to the rim. He's a very creative finisher and does not mind contact and can finish through it.

Dorien Johnson, Team Synergy

Johnson was third in the 17U Platinum division in scoring at over 23 points per game and was one of the prolific three-point shooters in the entire event. His range stretched well beyond the three-point line and he made shots off the catch and off the dribble. With the emphasis put on the three-point shot in today's game, he brings a lot of value with his shooting stroke.

Colby McAllister, Team Speights AL Select

McAllister found a lot of success scoring on the perimeter and shooting the ball from three and finished the weekend scoring 23 points per game. He does a good job at finding open spots and sprinting to the three point line in transition to get his shot off. However, he showed the ability to really attack close outs and make plays off the dribble as well. He excelled playing fast and he was successful in the uptempo style of play.

Cam Walker, TSF Mack 2022

Walker has been TSF Mack's unsung hero throughout the spring. He always brings energy and toughness to the table and is a huge standout on the defensive side and on the glass. However, he had the offense on full display in the championship game, going for 26 points and connecting on four threes. He's been a standout at our events this spring and if coaches are looking for someone flying under the radar, he could be the guy.


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