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RYZE Live Showcase II 16U Top Performers Pt. I

Paul Mathis Djobet, Georgia Stars (Pictured)

Djobet has the size, length, versatility, and skill set that make him a very interesting prospect with a sky-high ceiling. He's very good on both ends of the floor. He's a multi-positional defender who creates a lot of deflections and turnovers. Offensively, he's a very good rim-attacker and a creative finisher in the paint while also being able to knock down shots from three.

Austen Colton, Newnan Elite

Colton led the 16U Platinum division in scoring at over 26.8 points per game, his second time leading his division in scoring with us. He knocked down 19 threes over four games and continues to prove that he can create space for himself and knock down tough shots. He has an understanding about what he needs to do to get a bucket and converts in volume.

Brent Bowman, AC Georgia

Bowman continues to prove that he is one of the more crafty scoring guards in Georgia's 2023 class. He provided some big buckets for AC Georgia in the latter stages of games, including a buzzer beating runner in the first round. While his scoring is always impressive, his ability to make plays for others was also on full display this weekend and he has the ability to find passing lanes and connect with teammates for open shots.

Athan Pohlman, Tennessee Playmakers

Pohlman is a solid playmaking guard who can score the ball well from the perimeter. He averaged over 16 points per game on the weekend, including a big 31 point performance against AC Georgia. He's always looking to get off his shot from three or attack closeouts and make plays off the dribble and he did a lot of it on the weekend and looked impressive doing it.

Marcus Whitlock, Atlanta Xpress

If you've watched Whitlock play, you love him. The energy, the toughness, the scrappiness, and the ability to knock down shots is so fun and refreshing to watch. He's a very talented offensive scorer and still plays with a blue collar attitude and chip on his shoulder, which will gain him a lot of attention the next couple years. He averaged over 18 points per game and got it done attacking the paint and using some creative finishes around the bucket, and the good shooting stroke was there as always.


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