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RYZE Live Showcase II 16U Top Performers Pt. 2

Delani Hammonds, Team Synergy (Pictured)

Hammonds is a player to watch for in North Carolina's 2024 class. Playing up at the 16U level, he showed a craftiness off the dribble and the ability to create space and knock down tough jumpers. He was one of the more prolific scorers in the division and has a lot in his bag offensively. As he continues to develop look for him to continue making noise in 2024.

Brigham Rodgers, Atlanta All Stars 2023

Rogers has all of the tools to be a notable frontcourt player in Georgia's 2023 class. he has great size and strength at 6-foot-8, he moves really well, plays with high energy, and has an inside-out game that continues to develop. He has confidence in his game on the block and can make moves to get space and finish with either hand. Our staff was very impressed with the signs that he showed and look forward to his further development.

Tayden Owens, Wood Elite

Owens ran the show well for Wood Elite over the weekend and continues the narrative that he is one of the better floor generals in Georgia's 2023 class. He's very good off the dribble and has the strength and explosion to beat defenders and get to the rim. Though streaky at times, the improvement of his perimeter shot is very noticeable as well, knocking down four threes in a 30-point performance on Sunday. With that as a consistent part of his game, he becomes a very dangerous scoring threat.

Soulamon Evans, Game Elite

Evans is the second half Game Elite's high scoring backcourt, averaging 15 points per game over the weekend. He can score the ball in number of ways and can beat you shooting the ball from three and in the midrange as well as put the ball on the floor and get to the rim. He's also loaded with toughness and has the tools to be a high level defender as well.

Coen Carr, Georgia Stars

Carr has thrown his name into some big recruiting circles with his athleticism, versatility, and do-everything type of game. He's a true Swiss Army Knife type of guy and can do whatever the situation calls for him to do. He plays with endless energy and elite level bounce, he scores it well, he rebounds, and he's an extremely high level defender. He's made his impact on this travel season and it will be fun to watch where his development goes from here.


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