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RYZE Live Showcase II 15U Top Performers Pt. 2

Elijah Coleman, Georgia Soldiers (Pictured)

Not too many guys have the ability to handle the ball and get to the rim like Coleman, who has been a consistent top performer with us this spring. He had the gym and older players who were watching buzzing with his moves off the bounce and finishing ability in the paint. He's a natural bucket getter and has quickness, strength, and explosion that make him very difficult to keep out of the paint. He's electric.

Dominick Wright, Gwinnett Hawks

The ceiling his high on Wright, who could be a major sleeper in Gwinnett County. He has great size and length at about 6-foot-6 with a solid skill level to match. Offensively, he can stretch the floor and make shots from the perimeter while also having moves on the block and scoring in the post. Defensively, he can protect the rim and change or alter any shot that comes in the paint.

David Clark, Game Elite 3SSB

Clark is a very good prospect who is very productive because of his size, ability to finish plays and energy on the interior. He knows where to be in order to score the ball and he's one of Georgia's best finishers in the 2024 class. He's highly athletic and plays with a long-running motor that allows him to hit the glass on both ends and creating points by offensive rebounding and put-backs.

Ernesto Almonte, Atlanta All Stars South

Almonte has great size and length for the age group and projects to be a very versatile player as he continues to develop. He's very good off the dribble and a good finisher around the rim. He also has good passing abilities and can find teammates for open looks. Defensively, he's a multi-positional defender and his length allows him to be a rim protector as well. Very high ceiling here.


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