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RYZE Live Showcase I Super Six

The RYZE Live Showcase I has come and gone, and so many talented players continue to leave their mark on the 2021 travel season on our stage. The RYZE Super Six represents the six best overall performers from every weekend, all of whom stood out in their own way. Here are the Super Six that separated themselves at the RYZE Hoops Live Showcase I:

Makaleb McBride, Hollywood Stars

McBride was one of the top performers back at the RYZE Hoops Tipoff Classic in March, and raised his level of play even further this weekend at Live Showcase I. He was the top scorer in the 17U Platinum division, at over 23 points per game. He's a very smooth and crafty creator off the dribble and can get into the paint with a variety of shifty moves; however, his shooting from three this weekend made him an extremely well-rounded offensive threat, averaging three triples per game. He's a player that continues to trend upward in Georgia's 2022 class.

Stephon Castle, Atlanta Xpress

Castle is no stranger to being a top performer on the RYZE Hoops stage, and this weekend at Live Showcase I was no different. He's a true stat sheet stuffer and does everything there is to do on a basketball floor. He can score the ball at a high level, he's one of the best rebounding guards that Georgia has seen in quite some time, he can create for teammates, and he's as versatile as they come. His poise and pace are also beyond his years as he never seems rattled or sped up and always dictates the tempo of the game to his liking.

Josh Reed, AC Georgia

Reed started off the weekend with a bang in an opening round win, going for thirty-five points and making all of the right plays. He's very physical off the bounce and can seemingly always get back to his left hand and finish with contact. He also shot the ball at a very high level from the perimeter this weekend, making him a true three level scorer. He also brings a ton of toughness and intangibles to the floor, he's a high level rebounder, a lot of physicality, and he's a versatile defender.

Coen Carr, Georgia Stars

Carr is a true glue guy and has a really high utilization factor. Whatever situation comes his way, he is ready for. What really shined is his athleticism and ability to really make the electrifying plays to get the Champions Center buzzing, but there's so much more to him than just those plays. He plays with an endless motor and is non-stop on both ends of the floor. He showed the ability to be ruthless on the glass and defensive side of the floor, where he can guard multiple positions. On offense, he can score it well from the wing off the dribble and showed the ability to make shots from the perimeter as well.

Thomas Allard, Atlanta Timberwolves

Allard was one of the biggest surprises of the weekend. Not because of his productivity and output, but more so by the means of how he did it. He played a majority of the weekend playing on the ball at the point guard spot for the Timberwolves and at times he looked unstoppable. As always, you have to respect his ability to make shots from anywhere inside the volleyball lines, which helps him beat defenders off the dribble and make plays. He also adopted that Timberwolves style of playing fast, with freedom and creativity and shined in that style of play.

Bruce Thornton, TSF Mack

What more can be said about the Ohio State commit that hasn't already been said? He is a complete point guard that knows what to do and when to do it. His sense to know what his team needs from him and his ability to come through on both sides of the ball never ceases to amaze. His well-roundedness is something to really behold as it is rarely seen at the high school level and the plays that he makes are always college-level plays that will easily translate to the next level.


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