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RYZE Live Showcase I Saturday Notes

The third installment of the RYZE Travel Series, the RYZE Live Showcase I, started off with a bang on Saturday, with games that matter right out of the gate. The day was filled with highly competitive and entertaining games and a very high level of play. Here are some notes from the day:

  • The performance of the day for me belonged to AC Georgia 2022 wing Josh Reed, who went for 35 points in a win over Atlanta Xpress Black. He scored the ball in every way possible and showed a commanding presence on the offensive side of the floor and on the glass. He also knocked down four threes in the game, making him a very dangerous offensive threat.

  • The biggest revelation of the day had to be Atlanta Timberwolves 2022 guard Thomas Allard (Pictured). He was somewhat forced into a role playing on the ball and being the lead guard for the Timberwolves and he shined very brightly doing so. He played with a freedom and confidence that brought out the best in him. He was able to knock down shots as he always does, but he made some great plays off the bounce and was able to create good looks for himself and teammates.

  • We've become accustomed to "The Big Three" in the world of basketball. Georgia Legacy 17U squad had that in 2022 guards Rob Dix, Dylan Wolle, and Kyle Keener. They combined to average over 64 points per game (22.5, 23.5, & 18.5 respectively).

  • Georgia Stars 2023 wing Coen Carr might be one of the best athletes that I've ever covered in my time in basketball media. He's bouncy, he's explosive, he's fast, he's agile. He had an incredible day showcasing his motor and athleticism. He played harder than anyone I saw today and was a lot of fun to watch.

  • I continue to give the narrative that Hollywood Stars 2022 guard Makaleb McBride is undervalued. His fluidity and ability to score the ball in addition to having solid size and length makes him an extremely recruitable player in the Peach in 2022. He was the leading scorer in the 17U Platinum division.

  • Georgia Stars 2021 forward Ezra Ausar had a great day. He's rounded into a really good frontcourt presence with great size and strength. He finished well on the interior and is as tough as they come. I was very impressed by him today.

  • Plain and simple: BANG Up 2022 PG Simeon Cottle produces. Time and time again, he puts up numbers and looks good doing it. He's incredibly quick off the bounce which allows him to make all kinds of plays on the offensive end.

  • Atlanta All Stars 2023 PG Brandon Rechsteiner will be a very notable guard in Georgia's 2023 class. He's a knock down shooter from the perimeter and has a toughness and poise to him that is refreshing to see from a young floor general.

  • NME 2023 forward Nathan Rodriguez proves the "heart over height" theory. Going up against a big Team Forrest front line, he was able to be incredibly productive, with a double-double and 25 points. He's tough as nails and seems to finish plays at a very high rate. He's one of the top scorers in the 16U Platinum division.


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