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RYZE LIVE Showcase I: Best Point Guards & Floor Generals

Anthony Robinson, Georgia Stars 17U

Robinson really has a knack for controlling the game in a variety of ways. He plays very well in the open floor and in the halfcourt, and he picks his spots well and knows when to score and when to distribute the ball. He gets the ball where it needs to go when it needs to get there. He's a three level scorer and is very shifty off the dribble and plays well in ball screens. It's no surprise why he's earned multiple Power Five offers over the past two weeks.

Zach Bleshoy, Atlanta Timberwolves 15U

Bleshoy's combination of IQ, feel, size, and skill level make him a name that could end up as one of the better lead guards in Georgia's 2025 class. He has a great understanding for whatever situation is happening in the game and what to do in those situations. He sees the floor extremely well, makes great reads with the ball in his hands, and creates a lot of opportunities for teammates. He also is creative off the dribble and can get to the rim and score at a high level.

Caleb Jenkins, Carolina Pressure 16U

Despite being one of the smaller guards in the division, the impact that Jenkins made on every game this weekend was huge. He controls the game very well, takes care of the ball, operates well in ball screens, and creates offense off the dribble at a high level. He was also one of the better defenders in the field and can get under opposing ball handlers and give them problems. He was a big reason for the Carolina Pressure championship weekend.

Ryan Williams, Wood Elite 16U

Toughness is the first thing that comes to mind with Williams. He did a great job of scoring off the dribble this weekend while also creating chances for teammates. He's very crafty with the ball in his hands and can seemingly always get to the right spots where he can make reads and help put points on the board. He's definitely a sleeper in the Peach in 2024.

Jackson Bell, NME National 17U

Bell plays with pace and poise and is able to score the ball well from every level as well as make good reads and pass the ball at a high level. He's got good size at 6-foot-3 and is very sound in all aspects of the point guard position and can be a stat sheet stuffer as he is productive scoring, passing, and hitting the glass from the backcourt.

Jayden Foster, Elite Junior Sports 16U

Foster is always productive on our stage, and, while he can play both spots in the backcourt, he really excels playing with the ball in his hands. He has great size and length at 6-foot-3 and is very versatile on both ends. He's a very good scorer off the dribble, where is able to get to the rim and finish off plays at a high level. He also makes good reads and makes the appropriate passes when it's called for.

Jared White, TSF Mack 2025 15U

White ended up being one of the go-to playmakers for TSF this weekend, and he responded very well. He played well down the stretch of the tournament and created a lot of offense off the dribble, scoring in the paint as well as creating for teammates. He also showed that he can stretch his range well beyond the three point line and knock down perimeter shots consistently.


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