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RYZE Live Showcase I 17U Top Perfomers Pt. 2

Sage Tolentino, TSF Mack 2022 (Pictured)

The 7-foot Auburn commit is a very well-rounded stretch post prospect and he continued to show his value on both ends of the floor at Live Showcase I. He's a smooth finisher around the rim and stretches the floor, particularly with the corner three. Defensively, he gets his hands on so many passes and shots and the number of deflections that he creates is mind blowing. He also showed that he can rebound and put the ball on the floor and outlet to start the break.

Aidan Hadaway, Atlanta Timberwolves

Hadaway finished the weekend second in scoring the 17U Platinum at just under 22 points per game. His versatility make him a difficult cover for any team as he can take opposing bigs off the bounce and play bully-ball with backcourt defenders. He always seems to have an instinct on how to get to his left hand in position to score it, and he does it consistently. He finished the weekend with a huge 33-point effort in which he also hit 3 threes.

Jermahri Hill, Team Huncho

What a travel season Hill has had so far. He's been one of the biggest stock-risers in the Peach and in the southeast. He averaged over 20 points per game on the weekend and was phenomenal attacking the rim. He's a very good ball-handler and can use the bounce to get into the paint and to the rim where he finishes at a very high level. Look for him to continue getting high-major and mid-major attention over the next few months.

Rob Dix, Georgia Legacy

Dix was one part of Georgia Legacy's big three this weekend, with three players averaging 18 points per game or more. He was very good using his size and strength getting to the rim and either finishing or drawing contact and getting to the line. He led the 17U Platinum division in free throws made and attempted which speaks to his level of physicality and ability to attack.

Cayden Charles, SEBA FCI Warriors

Charles was one of the big factors in SEBA's 17U Gold Division championship. He averaged over 18 points per game and scored 22 and 17 in the semifinals and finals respectively. He's a very good athlete and a high level rim-attacker. However, he was an absolute lock down defender. He can really pressure the ball and create turnovers to get opportunities in transition. He was one of the top defenders of the entire event.


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