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RYZE Live Showcase I 15U Top Performers Pt. 1

Christian Anderson, Atlanta Xpress (Pictured)

Anderson's skill level is really something to behold as a young guard. He's such a great fit for the direction that basketball is going as a player who can create off the dribble and can beat you from anywhere out to the volleyball lines. He's a great shooter, averaging over four threes per game on the weekend, and he's able to beat players off the bounce because of the respect they have to give to his shooting ability.

Ty Davis, Pro One

Davis is going to be a name to remember in Alabama over the next few years. He has a very good skillset and great scoring instincts. During the first game in bracket play he led a huge Pro One comeback win and looked unstoppable in the second half and overtime, hitting shots from three, getting to the rim, drawing contact, and converting at the line.

Max Skidmore, Tri City Elite

Skidmore continues to trend upward in Georgia's 2024 and is definitely going to be a notable name in the class. He's consistent every time out and you know you're going to get a high scoring game from him. He's a great scorer in every way possible. He hits shots from the perimeter at a high rate, he's crafty off the dribble and can get into the paint and score, and he converts from the free throw line almost automatically. He averaged over 23 points per game for the weekend.

Josh Cope, Mid State Elite

Cope is a very good all-around point guard that can score the ball from all three levels and plays with a high level of vision and IQ. He seemingly always made the right reads with the ball in his hands and made plays for himself and for teammates. He shot it well from three, but he really shined in getting penetration and getting to the rim where he was able to score the ball at a high clip.

Camden Parada, AC Georgia

Parada is one of the most reliable shooters that you will find in Georgia's 2024 class. The Augusta product is a pure sniper and when he has room and his feet set, you can bet that it's going in. He averaged nearly five three-point makes per game and he has a knack for knowing how to get his shot off and where to be in order to catch and fire.


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