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RYZE Fall League: Week Four Notes

Atlanta All Stars 2023 Frontcourt Shines

Week after week, Calhoun forward Dylan Faulkner (Pictured) & Blessed Trinity forward Brigham Rogers have been among the top performers. Both have great size and mobility with developing skill sets to match, and they have brought the mentality that they are two of the better players each and every Thursday night so far. They are cementing themselves as very recruitable frontcourt players in Georgia's 2023 class and are poised to have very good junior seasons respectively.

Sophomore Standouts on the Rise

It's always fun to see young players come into their own on our stage, and two players in Georgia's 2024 class have really done that through four weeks. Walker School's Ricky McKenzie was a top 15U performer with us this summer, and he's continued to stand out this fall. He's got great size in the backcourt and can score the ball from all three levels. Chattahoochee's Cameron James has also been very good and has the look of a solid prospect in 2024. He has great size and versatility in the backcourt and has been a great jump shooter so far.

the Ant Arrington Show Continues

It's hard to argue that Anthony Arrington has not been the best player with us through four weeks. He's been posting big point totals every week, and this week was no different, scoring 27 points in a win. The biggest difference in his game? He's shooting the ball at a very high level in the midrange and from three, which has made him a more well rounded scorer and very difficult to keep from filling the scoresheet.

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