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RYZE Fall League Superlatives: Best Scorers

Jax Abernathy, Christian Heritage

After missing the first week of the league, Abernathy has turned up his productivity and has not looked back at all. He's been putting up big numbers every week as the go-to guy for Christian Heritage, getting his work done from all levels of the floor and creating for himself off the dribble. His midrange game has really stood out, and, while it does not always come conventionally, he's always able to get to his spots and knock down open opportunities. Combine his skill level with his size at 6-foot-4, and you have a Division I prospect in 2024.

Preston Parker, Sequoyah

The Chiefs have some open holes from a great senior class that has departed for the next level, and Parker has stepped into the primary playmaker role playing a majority of the league at the point guard spot. He's been able to make reads and find his chances and convert. He shoots the ball from three at a high level and has the size and athleticism to be a factor off the dribble getting to the rim.

Jay Boyd, Hiram

Boyd is the ultimate hard-hat type of player. Every week he comes ready and is determined to be the best player on the floor. He's been a very good scorer off the ball, doing it from every level but looking extremely impressive attacking the paint off the bounce. He has shown a big time ability to finish around the rim, including consistently finishing through contact. When defenses have played him for the drive, he has shown an ability and a willingness to shoot perimeter shots from three and in the midrange.


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