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GBCA Georgia Live Top Performers Pt. 2

Marcus Gillespie, Clarke Central

Gillespie was a big part of Clarke Central's bracket win this weekend. He's as gifted an offensive guard as there is in Georgia's 2025 class, with natural scoring and passing instincts and the ability to make difficult plays look easy. He picked his spots well and scored it from all levels of the floor, and when he was faced with double teams he got the ball where it needed to go and when he was face-guarded he found ways to get the ball and make plays. Division I's should be all over this one.

Alex Young, Brookwood

Young made a statement as a guy to watch for in Gwinnett during the upcoming season. He scores the ball very well from the perimeter with a quick trigger shooting the ball from three and the ability to attack from the wing and get to the midrange and to the rim and score the ball efficiently. His combination of size at 6-foot-5 as well as his scoring should make him a guy to make note of in Georgia's 2025 class.

Anthony Gause, Milton

Gause has made his presence in Georgia known over the past two weekends. This weekend, he was in double figures every game and showed that he is exactly the guy that Milton needs this season, having the ability to be efficient and productive without being ball dominant. He is very smooth as a finisher and can score the ball from every level of the floor. He also brings a long, versatile presence to the defensive side and has the potential to be a very high level defender.

KJ Garris, Mount Vernon

Garris was very productive from the backcourt for Mount Vernon and showed the ability to make shots from the perimeter as well as use his size and strength to attack defenders and finish with contact around the rim. He thrived facing zone defenses during the weekend, connecting on catch-and-shoot opportunities from three and finding gaps to hit shots in the midrange and get to the rim. He will be a very important piece for the Mustangs this season.

Zach Bleshoy, Pope

Bleshoy has established himself as one of the better point guards in Georgia in 2025 and he had some raving reviews on the sideline this weekend with his combination of scoring, passing, and athleticism. He plays with a high IQ and can whip passes around the floor on a dime with both hands. He also plays with physicality and can use the dribble to get to the rim and finish with athleticism through contact. He will be a guy that draws a lot of Division I eyes moving forward.


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