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GBCA Georgia Live Top Performers Pt. 1

Gicarri Harris, Grayson

Harris was the top dog this weekend, leading Grayson to a win in their bracket. He might not have the flash that some top prospects do, but he always shows up and is always reliable. He averaged over 18 points per game on the weekend, scoring the ball efficiently from every level of the floor and never forcing the issue. He made the right reads and got the ball where it needed to go, but when his team was in need of a bucket, he went and got it.

Luke Flynn, Walton

Flynn really turned his game up as the weekend went on, and we got to see a very well-rounded version of him. He always looked in control of the game and made great reads with the ball in his hands. While he was able to connect on the three-ball as he always does this weekend, he found other ways to score when his team needed it, particularly playing physically off the dribble and getting to the line. He showed a lot of toughness this weekend, finding ways different ways to be productive.

Keenan Gray, McDonough

One thing we've seen the past two weeks: if you see some big scoring totals from Gray this season don't be surprised. The lefty is dynamic creating off the dribble, and is consistently able to get to his spots and convert. He did a great job finishing around the rim this weekend as well as drawing contact and getting to the free throw line. He's a consistent threat to put a big number in the scoring column.

Maki Joyner, Savannah

Joyner's size, length, and athleticism make him a very notable guy in Georgia's 2025 class, and he could be one of the next big names down on the coast. He's a factor on both sides of the floor and can turn defense into offense and make electric plays in the open floor. He's constantly in attack mode and has the ability to take defenders off the bounce and use his physical tools to be a very good finisher at the rim.

Michael White, Mountain View

White has thrown himself onto a lot of college radars the last two weeks. His offensive skillset shines every time out and whether it's his scoring or his passing, he is always productive. This weekend, he averaged over 18 points per game helping lead his team to a win in their bracket. He was one of the best perimeter shooters in the gym, connecting on four threes per game. Combine that with his abilities off the bounce, you have a guy college coaches should be all over.


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