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Battle for Georgia Top Overall Performers Pt. 2

Eli Crawford, TSF Mack 2024

Crawford is a high level scorer and he showed his scoring prowess on Sunday, averaging 20 points per game across three games. He shot the ball from three, he created off the bounce, he finished around the rim; he does it all and can score it from every level. He is one of the more highly skilled scoring guards in 2024 in the southeast and will be highly recruited because of it.

Caleb Wilson, AE5 Shooters Paradise

It's not surprising to see Wilson on this list given his abilities, skill level, and size. He spent most of the day playing in the backcourt for AE5 at a long 6-foot-8. He made plays, he scored it inside and out, and he was a problem on defense with his length affecting shots and passes. Despite the loss, he went for 24 points and made a number of eye-popping plays in the process.

Daniel Oygunyemi, Atlanta Celtics

Oygunyemi was a matchup disaster for teams all day on Sunday, averaging 19 points per game and scoring the ball inside and out. He's a strong hybrid forward who can play on the interior and on the perimeter. He's very good getting to the rim, but can also beat you shooting the ball from three off the catch. His combination of size, athleticism, and skill will make him a player to watch for in 2025.

Caleb Holt, Game Elite 3SSB

Holt is one of the best players nationally in 2026 and he does things that other young players his age simply cannot. He's highly athletic at 6-foot-6 and has the ability to put the ball on the floor and get to the rim and is always staying aggressive looking for his offense. He saved his best performance for last, going for 17 points for Game Elite in the 16U championship game.

Connor Staphylaris, Game Elite 360

Staphylaris averaged over 17 points per game across four games in the Qualifier and Sunday's Battle, including 25 points in the Qualifier final and 20 points in a first round win on Sunday over AE5. He's a high level shooter from three and is very tough to defend as you cannot give him space and he's very good and quick off the dribble as well. He's a player to watch for in 2025 in Georgia.

Amir Taylor, Game Elite 3SSB

Taylor's skill level is a rare find among young bigs, especially in a time when everyone wants to be branded a guard. He's got great size and continues to improve on his conditioning. He has every offensive tool in his bag in the paint and on the block and can make a number of moves, pass the ball extremely well, and finish off plays around the rim at a high level.

Jay Boyd, Wood Elite

Boyd averaged 16 points per game through 4 games in the Qualifier and Sunday's Battle, and it was the way he scored it and how he affected games that made him stand out. He played both backcourt spots and was one of the go-to guys for Wood Elite, responding with timely buckets and the ability to defend hard and get stops when they needed one. He's a Division I prospect and is highly under-recruited now, so college coaches should have him on their July watch lists.

Micah Smith, AE5 Shooters Paradise

Smith flashed some high level plays on Sunday, affecting the game with his size, athleticism, versatility, and motor. He was a high level finisher around the rim, including some electrifying dunks, and showed the ability to step out on the perimeter, knock down shots, as well as make plays for teammates. He continues to become more and more productive, which is a great sign for the coming high school season.

Bryson Tiller, Atlanta Xpress

Tiller's combination of size, strength, physicality, athleticism, and ability to play inside-out makes him a huge standout in Georgia and nationally. He's become extremely comfortable playing with the ball in his hands and has a number of go-to moves and counters that he relies on to score consistently. He's a high level finisher around the rim and his midrange game is one of the best we've seen in recent memory.


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