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Travel Series Superlatives: Best Dunk & Best Passer

As wrap up the travel basketball season and head into the high school season, we look back on the 2020 LakePoint Travel Series. With the whole season crammed into a matter of weeks, it was a hectic, but very fun ride with a lot of good basketball and noteworthy performances to look back on.

Best Passer

Dan McDonald: (Tie) Bruce Thornton, TSF Mack 2022 & Travis Burrus, Team Huncho

There are two really good floor generals that jump out to me above some other really good ones we had in our LakePoint Hoops events this summer and they are Bruce Thornton and Travis Burrus. Travis was terrific for Team Huncho in helping them make it all the way to the championship of the LakePoint LIVE Showcase II back in August. He made life so much easier on the talented players around him. The same goes for Bruce Thornton. In helping TSF Mack 2022 win its second straight Battle For Georgia title, Thornton took on more of a facilitator role making it easy for someone like Kendall Campbell to shine, earn MVP honors, and add three high-major offers afterwards.

Carter Wilson: (Tie) Brookes Kahlert, Atlanta Timberwolves (Pictured) & JD Davison, Nike Elite Stars

The Atlanta Timberwolves were one of the most fun teams around this travel season and Brookes Kahlert was the quarterback of that team. He is not afraid to throw any kind of pass and has tons of flair and creativity to his passing. He can make some draw dropping plays with his ability to find teammates and he was a big part of why the Timberwolves had such a great summer. On the other hand, when Nike Elite Stars came to the LakePoint Labor Day Classic, JD Davison seemed on a mission to showcase his passing ability and pile up assists in huge numbers. He did it all: no looks, behind the backs, creative lobs, bounce passes through traffic. I had never seen that part of his game before, so it was a lot of fun to see.

Best Dunk

Dan McDonald: This dunk from JD Davison was crazy. What's even more crazy is how easy he made it look.

Carter Wilson: This backdoor throwdown from Matthew Cleveland was one of my favorite moments. One, the dunk is awesome: emphatic, with the left hand, off of a great pass. Two, look at his teammates cheering on the bench and taking photos from the opposite wing.


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