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The Hundred Session III Top Performers Pt. 2

Bobby Harpring, Hoop Atlanta Harpring

Harpring was one of the best overall guards in the field and was a big reason for Hoop Atlanta's championship this weekend. As a player in the class of 2028 playing up in the 15U division, he showed a very high skill level scoring and playmaking. He can score the ball from every level of the floor and has a ton of moves in his bag off the dribble. He makes good reads with the ball in his hands and has an advanced savvy and basketball IQ. Stash this name away, because he could end up being a very good prospect in the coming years as he continues to develop.

Frank Jackson, OTP NXT

Jackson brought the intensity every game out this weekend. He's an athletic, aggressive scorer who consistently was able to get to the rim and finish or hit shots in the midrange off the bounce. He plays with a high level of activity on both ends and made an impact with his athleticism on the defensive side of the floor, helping create turnovers and getting opportunities in the open floor.

AJ Williams, Atlanta Celtics 3SSB 2027

Williams is the next guy up down on the coast. His basketball IQ and ability to make reads in ball screen situations is incredibly advanced and the way he navigates the floor with the ball in his hands is something you don't find from a lot of young point guards. He's a great passer and consistently found teammates through small passing windows for scoring opportunities. As the weekend went on, he showed his scoring prowess, hitting shots from three and finishing with physicality in the paint.

Wyatt Thomason, SEBA Warriors

Thomason came up big in big games for SEBA this weekend. He finished among the top scorers in the 16U Yellow division at 18 points per game and had 16 or more points in every game. His size and skill level made him a matchup problem this weekend. He was able to bring bigger players out onto the perimeter and create off the dribble. He also found a lot of moments where he was able to get smaller defenders on his back and score at the rim.

Zacob Zhu, Team Person

Week in and week out, there's one thing you can count on from Team Person: Zhu is going to score the ball in volume. He's got a very high skill level off the bounce and consistently shows his ability to create offense and making difficult one-on-one plays look very easy. He averaged 18 points per game on the weekend, including a huge 34-point performance in the 17U semifinals, hitting six threes. He's one of Georgia's more skilled scoring guards.

Reese Frazier, Pro One Select TN Garner

Frazier was one of the most productive players in the gym this weekend. He averaged 18 points per game on the weekend, scoring it off the bounce and off the catch. However, when he wasn't scoring it was his playmaking off the dribble that was a difference maker. He also contributes at a high level on the glass from the backcourt. He has a ton of toughness and intangibles and is definitely a guy college programs will want to see this summer.

Isaac Plavich, BCB

Plavich is a good competitor on both ends of the floor, always brings a ton of energy, and can contribute in a ton of different ways. On the offensive end, he can be effective as a playmaker and table setter as well as a scorer from the perimeter. He was able to hit shots at a high level from three this weekend. He also guards the ball very well on the defensive side of the floor and isn't afraid to mix it up on the glass and be physical. He brings winning qualities to the floor.

Tyler Lesch, Redline UA Rise 2026

Lesch has scored the ball very well on our stage this season. He's always a threat from three and can connect on shots from well beyond the three point line and does not need a lot of time to get his shot off. He also found success this weekend off the dribble, and was consistently able to get to his spots and finish, whether it was in the midrange or getting all the way to the rim and finishing with both hands.


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