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RYZE Up Senior Showcase Evaluations Pt. 4

Osiris Shabazz, Brookwood (Pictured)

Shabazz was one of the better frontcourt players in the field on the day. He showed a wide variety of abilities on both ends of the floor. He scored the ball inside-out, finishing plays through contact on the interior as well as showing the ability to step out and knock down perimeter shots. He's got great size and a good frame at 6-foot-7 and uses his size well on the interior and on the glass, where he is a productive rebounder on both ends.

William Norwood, Tri-Cities

There is a lot to like about Norwood. He's got great size and length at 6-foot-9 and he's very mobile and versatile. He can be a multi-positional defender as well as provide solid rim protection and has a high activity level on the boards. He has a ton of value on the defensive side of the ball. Offensively, he has good hands and can finish off plays above the rim. With his physical tools and his trajectory of development, he can be a very productive guy at the next level.

DeMyron Williams, Walnut Grove

Williams just has natural scoring instincts. He's a true three-level scorer who can fill it up off the bounce and off the catch. He's a good perimeter shooter and uses ball fakes well to get by defenders and create off the dribble. He consistently employs one and two-dribble pull-ups and is very reliable in the midrange. He's also a very underrated passer and can make the right plays and reads when the situation calls for it.

Jordan Emory, Southwest Atlanta Christian

Emory is another guard that can fill up a scoresheet in a hurry. He can score the ball from all three levels of the floor, but finds a ton of success attacking the rim, where he is efficient with his dribbles and has a lot of fluidity to his game. He also has great defensive instincts and can create turnovers and get opportunities in the open floor, where he is very difficult to stop.

Nekhi Fisher, Parkview

Fisher was one of the better sleepers that we had in camp. He's got great size on the wing at a long 6-foot-3 and displayed a very good lefty shooting stroke, knocking down perimeter jumpers consistently. He has craftiness off the dribble and can attack closeouts to create for himself and others as well. Overall, he was a very efficient offensive player on the day.

Chance Boothe, Mountain View

Boothe is a quick and athletic lefty guard who finds a ton of success off the dribble. He changes speeds and directions very well and consistently makes his way into the paint and to the rim where he finishes at a high level or can find teammates for scoring opportunities. He's a physical defender who can pressure the ball and create turnovers as well, and he also rebounds well from the backcourt.

Nick Isaac, Buford

Isaac is a versatile wing with solid size and physical tools. He showed a wide variety of skills on both ends of the floor. Offensively, he uses ball fakes well and was able to use the to create for himself off the dribble in the midrange. He's also an instinctual passer, making some great plays for others. Defensively, he can guard multiple positions and has a high activity level on the glass.

Javieon Walden, Newnan

Walden is a long 6-foot-5 lefty with a ton of versatility and athleticism. He stands out a ton in the open floor, where he can finish at a high level above the rim. He plays with great motor and hits the glass hard and challenges shots at a high level in the paint. He has one of the higher ceilings of any player in camp and as he continues to develop could be a very good player at the next level.

Miles Evora, Florida State Univ. School

Evora made his mark at camp as a three point sniper. He was very good in catch-and-shoot situations, consistently knocking down shots. He can also create off the dribble and is not afraid to get physical and mix it up with bigger defenders. As a floor general, he stays patient and knows how to direct traffic to get the situations that he wants and can be successful in.

Salik Wade, Winder-Barrow

Wade's coach made a huge note about his motor and energy that he brought to the table. He made a lot of the plays that you don't normally see in an individual showcase, defending hard, hustling at every loose ball, and always playing with a high activity level. That energy translated to production as he was consistently able to find himself in places to score the ball.

Jai Pathmarajah, Furtah Prep

Pathmarajah has the size, versatility, and physical tools that you like to see from a young guard prospect. He's a multi-positional defender who can cause some disruptions with his length and energy level. Offensively, he can play both backcourt positions and has a lot of tricks in his bag off the dribble, where he can change speeds and directions very well to beat defenders and cause problems for defenses. His game definitely translates to the next level.


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