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RYZE Up Senior Showcase Evaluations Pt. 1

Chase Champion, Lithonia (Pictured)

Champion quickly stood out from the pack with how hard he was playing on both ends of the floor. He's a very good on-ball defender that was making all of the extra effort plays, which is always refreshing to see in an individual showcase. Offensively, he found success off the dribble getting to the rim and making crafty finishes in the paint with either hand. There is definitely a place on a college floor for him somewhere.

Kaden McArthur, Collins Hill

One of our coaches described McArthur as an extension of the coaching staff on the floor. He's loaded with intangibles and makes good things happen when he's on the floor. It's hard to find a skill that McArthur doesn't possess. He plays well and makes reads in ball screen situations, he's an excellent passer, and he can score the ball from the perimeter when called upon. He's got all of the abilities you like to see from a point guard.

Andrew Makinde, Peachtree Ridge

Makinde fits the modern style of basketball very well as one of those versatile, hybrid forwards that check a lot of boxes. He's a capable shooter from range and has good mechanics on his jump shot. He also has the ability to get downhill, get to the rim, and finish through contact. He rebounds his position well and can defend multiple spots. Overall, he was one of the more versatile guys in camp.

Tarinyan Hairston, Solid Rock Academy

We did not know much about Hairston coming into camp, but he quickly made an impression. He plays well with the ball in his hands and plays at a great pace, unable to be sped up by defenders. He scored the ball from every level of the floor and looked very smooth and fluid in the process. He's got solid size in the backcourt can be a versatile defender as well.

Keenan Walker, Lakeview Ft. Oglethorpe

Walker got his day started early with some finishes at the rim and showing his extended range well beyond the three point line. He's a high IQ player on both ends of the floor that plays with good motor. He's very efficient in his offensive game and does not need to be ball dominant to be productive. Overall, he was one of the better perimeter shooters in camp.

Donavon Lewis, Sandy Creek

Lewis stood out with his confidence, intensity, and athleticism. He played very hard on both ends of the floor and made some very athletic plays finishing at the rim as well as protecting the rim on the other side. He's a high level rebounder and brings a lot of defensive versatility to the floor as well. We loved how competitive he was on both ends of the floor.

Jaden Wills, Locust Grove

Our camp director, Devin Mitchell, said that Wills was one of the better sleepers in the field and was impressed with his ability to play the point and create offense. He's very quick off the bounce with a great first step and was able to get into the paint and cause problems for defenses. He's good in ball screens and can make reads as well. When he was not scoring the ball, he was finding other ways to be productive and make good things happen for his team.

Sammy Moss, East Coweta

Moss has a great offensive game with the ability to put points on the board in a hurry and always brings the motor and intensity as well. He shot the ball well from three and has range well beyond the three point line. He's ultra competitive and does not shy away from a challenge, which we love about his game. His ability to score the ball from the perimeter definitely stood out on the day.

Elijah Williams, Lithonia

Williams' coach was very complimentary about the energy that he brought to the floor. Though undersized, that energy and activity level helps him play bigger than his size. He also has great versatility and defensively was able to switch onto guards when he needed to and keep them in front. Those abilities make him a great fit for the modern game as a great glue-guy.

Justin Birch, Lanier

Birch was described by our staff as a guard that coaches would love to have. He's a true two-way player and is not shy to mix things up a little bit. He's very quick off the dribble and is very reliable with the ball in his hands. He's able to score the ball from the perimeter as well as find teammates and create offense for others. He's also a scrappy defender that can get under opposing ball handlers and make things difficult.


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