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RYZE Tip Off Classic Top Performers Pt. 1

Khalil Green, Team Dickerson

Green was one of the best point guards in the field and further cemented his status among the best point guards in Georgia in 2024. He was incredibly dynamic off the dribble, whether it was getting to the rim, creating space for jumpers, finding teammates or drawing contact, he was very effective. He's strong with the ball in his hands and he's the type of guard you want leading your team.

DJ Boyce, Team Synergy

Boyce finished the weekend among the top scorers in the 17U division at over 20 points per game. Opposing guards had a tough time with his size and physicality off the dribble, and he also showed that he is a knock down shooter from three, connecting on 13 threes in four games. He checks a lot of boxes that college programs look for with backcourt players, so coaches will definitely want to see him this spring.

Cade Murphy, Fastbreak

The 6-foot-5 2026 wing was playing up in the 17U division this weekend, and it did not phase him one bit, as he averaged over 23 points per game on the weekend. He got his weekend started connecting on threes beyond the three point line and then made a shift to attacking off the dribble and showing that he can be a very effective three-level scorer. He's a big time name to keep track of over the next few years in east Tennessee.

Cooper Haynes, STARS Basketball Club

Haynes was half of the STARS Basketball Club backcourt that made a ton of noise over the weekend, averaging over 19 points per game. At 6-foot-3 he showed that he can play both spots in the backcourt, and he was a sniper from three. He also plays with a high IQ and always seems to make good reads with the ball in his hands. He can be very crafty off the dribble and get to spots on the floor where he can make things happen.

Sean Van Dorn, AE5 3SSB

The AE5 16U group was definitely impressive over the weekend, and Van Dorn was a big part of that. He's very unique in the sense that he can play positionless basketball and fill a variety of roles with his versatility. He constantly played with a high motor, making plays happen on the glass, on the defensive side, and running the floor for dunks in the open floor. He fits the modern style mold as a guy who can do a little bit of everything and make a ton of winning plays.

Andrew Grimes, Garner Road

Grimes was one of the best frontcourt players in the field. At a long and strong 6-foot-8 he has the size to be effective in the paint as a scorer, rebounder, and rim protector. He's a high level finisher above the rim and when he draws contact in the paint, he's efficient knocking down free throws. He averaged 16 points per game on the weekend and showed that he is a name Division I programs need to be tracking in North Carolina in 2025.

Will Dopfer, Redline Elite

We've seen Dopfer in the past with Redline, and he continued to show why he's one of the next guys up in Forsyth County. He has the size and skill level to be a matchup problem for defenses, as he can play inside-out and score from all over the floor. He's as tough as they come and is not afraid to play physically either. He's got a high ceiling and is definitely a name to stash away for the future in the Peach.

Simon Walker, Pro One

Walker had a great weekend scoring the ball playing up in the 17U division as a 2025, and showed that he is a guy that can effectively and efficiently make his mark on the game without being ball-dominant. He's a knock down shooter from three and has the strength and athleticism to attack off the bounce and score in the paint and in the midrange. He should get his fair share of looks this spring and is definitely a guy college programs will want to see.


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