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Jayce Nathaniel, Team Huncho (Pictured)

It's easy to be impressed with the strides that Nathaniel's game continues to make. He's always had the great physical tools, but he continues to evolve on both ends. He shot the ball well from three and in the midrange, making him a more well-rounded threat on the offensive end. Defensively, he's still a great rim protector but did a great job being versatile, with the ability to switch onto guards and defend on the perimeter.

Dadrevius Weathers, Team Smash

Weathers is a highlight film waiting to happen. At a long 6-foot-6, he's loaded with athleticism and versatility. He's a very interesting unsigned prospect with a very high ceiling, and he was one of the best above the rim scorers that we had in the field, averaging over 16 points per game. He also played with a high energy and activity level that made him productive as a rim protector and rebounder.

Stefan Davidov, Atlanta Timberwolves Green

Davidov can really score the ball from the backcourt. He plays both on and off the ball with Timberwolves Green, and he's capable of putting up big numbers from the perimeter. He averaged 22 points per game on the weekend, including a big 35-point performance in which he knocked down nine threes. He uses his ability to shoot the ball to his advantage, attacking closeouts and getting to the rim as well.

Sean Cusano, Atlanta Timberwolves White

Cusano was definitely one of the bright spots for Timberwolves White on the weekend. He has great size at 6-foot-8, with the ability to play on the perimeter, put the ball on the floor, and create offense, which makes him a big time matchup problem. He passes the ball very well and consistently showed the ability to get into the paint and score the ball as well. His size and skill level make him a guy that Division I programs should keep track of this spring.

Stephen Lewis, Georgia Man Up DeKalb

Lewis ended the weekend as the leading scorer in the 17U division at 27 points per game, including hitting the 30-point mark twice over the weekend. He was very aggressive with the ball in his hands looking for his offense as well as setting up his teammates as well. He was very effective getting to the rim and making tough finishes around the bucket. He also shot it well from three, connecting on 2.5 threes per game. Overall, he was incredible this weekend as a scoring guard.

Elijah Crawford, TSF Mack 2024

Crawford is a really good natural scorer. He scores the ball from every level of the floor and is incredibly skilled and crafty with the ball in his hands. He has a knack for taking and making tough shots and is very good playing off of two feet with moves and counter moves to get a bucket. He averaged 17 points per game on the weekend and did so in very impressive fashion.


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