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RYZE Spring Showdown 17U Top Performers Pt. 3

Eren Banks, Georgia South (Pictured)

Banks is a very gifted scoring guard that can do it from every level of the floor. However, it was not just the numbers he was able to put up, but the smoothness and fluidity he has while scoring the ball. He's very quick and crafty off the bounce, finishing creatively around the rim. He also was able to knock down the three-ball consistently throughout the weekend.

Joshua Stevenson, ACE Elite

Stevenson averaged 19 points per game on the weekend for ACE Elite, but the situation he was thrown into made his play even more impressive. Through some injuries, he became the sole focus on offense, with defenses keying hard on him. However, he overcame that and still was able to find his offense every single game. He's very quick off the bounce and plays with a ton of speed. He got to the rim at will and showed great finishing ability.

Jake Poole, Pro One Select TN Biven

Poole was one of the leading scorers in the 17U division at 22 points per game, and he showed a ton of consistency, going for 19 or more points in every game. He got his weekend started showing his abilities getting to the rim and finishing with toughness and athleticism. As the weekend went on, he extended his range and hit perimeter shots consistently, connecting on 7 threes through two games on Sunday.

Micah Hoover, Milton Spurs

Hoover is a walking double-double. He was in double figures scoring every game and was one of the best rebounders in the field as well. He's a very versatile player with size, strength, and mobility and he finishes at a high level in the paint and around the rim. He also has a lot of value defensively, being able to defend multiple positions, protecting the rim, and hitting the glass hard.

Jay King, Georgia South

King is a bucket getter. He's very good off the dribble and changes speeds and directions very well. He was able to beat defenders off the bounce consistently all weekend and get into the paint and convert. He also showed the ability to stretch the defense and hit shots from well beyond the three-point line. He was tough all weekend and was one of the better creators in the field.

David Hansraj, Inspire Atlanta

Hansraj is a very crafty lefty guard that averaged over 17 points per game on the weekend and showed the ability to play on the ball while still being effective off the ball as well. He was very productive off the dribble and was consistently able to get into the paint and use a variety of crafty steps and finishes to score. He also brings a lot of toughness and intangibles to the table as well.

Ryan Grace, SDA 2023

Grace was one of the top scorers in the 17U division at over 20 points per game, and he showed the ability to be a good perimeter jump shooter, consistently able to create space and knock down shots. He was in attack mode all weekend long and was aggressive looking for his offense, which paid off as he was one of the most productive players in the division.


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