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RYZE on the Road Nashville Top Performers Pt. 2

Ty Cobb, STARS Basketball Club UA Rise

Cobb has all of the makings of a very good good young guard prospect. He has solid size at 6-foot-1 and has tremendous feel for the game with the ability to make reads and get the ball where it needs to go. He's an athletic three level scorer that is very difficult to contain off the dribble. He has a ton of moves in his bag and plays with a great combination of effectiveness and showmanship. He's always a threat to put a big number in the scoresheets and he showed why this weekend. He will be a name you hear a lot of in Tennessee in the coming years.

Dalton Jackson, P7 Elite UA Rise

Jackson showed a level of shiftyness that very few point guards can show while remaining in control and making the right plays. He's incredibly quick off the bounce and just when you think you have a read on where he's going, he makes an unexpected move and he's by you. He was a problem off the dribble this weekend and whether it was scoring or distributing off the bounce, he was effective and a big reason why P7 Elite won the 17U division.

Hudson McKnight, Shockers 2026

McKnight was one of the many playmakers that this Shockers team has and was a big reason for their success this weekend. He scored the ball at a very high level and was great shooting the ball from three and in the midrange, and he had a couple of very high-output scoring performances. However, his ability to make reads and pass the ball really shined as well. He continuously made the right plays with the ball in his hands and scored it when he needed to and found teammates when the situation called for it.

Miles Alexander, Carlos English Elite

Alexander is definitely a name to stash away for the future in Tennessee. He was dominant playing up in the 15U division as a 2028 point guard. His ability to make reads is very advanced and he seemingly always keeps plays alive until he gets exactly what he wants. He scored the ball from every level of the floor, but was great off the dribble. When he wasn't scoring, he was finding teammates for buckets and had a number of games with high assist totals. He was one of the best point guards in the field.

Ant McAfee, STARS Basketball Club North

Versatility is one of the first things that comes to mind with McAfee. He spent time this weekend at nearly every position on the floor, and no matter where he was playing, he brought a high energy, aggreessive style of play that resulted in productivity. At 6-foot-5, he does a little bit of everything on the court. He's very athletic, scores it from every level of the floor, and does not need to be ball-dominant to make an impact. He makes all of the winning plays.

Chris Munyika, Tennessee Tigers

Munyika was great on our stage last month, and he continued to impress our staff in Nashville this weekend. As a 2026 forward playing up, he always seems to be productive both scoring the ball and on the glass. At a strong 6-foot-6 he is a big time matchup problem, with too much size for opposing guards and the skill level to pull opposing bigs away from the basket and play off the dribble or shoot from the perimeter when given space.

Matthew Langhi, STARS Basketball Club UA Rise

Langhi has the size and skill level that give him a very high ceiling and make him a guy to watch out for in Kentucky in 2027. At a long 6-foot-5, he has the ability to play both on the interior and on the perimeter and has very good guard skills, putting the ball on the floor and shooting the ball from three. He showed a wide variety of skills combined with good athleticism. His combination of size, versatility, athletic abiilty, and skill set should make him a very notable prospect in 2027.


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