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RYZE Live Showcase II 16U Top Performers Pt. 1

Malik Hinton, AE5 Shooters Paradise

Hinton was one of the better floor generals in the 16U division. He's very quick and changes speeds and directions well off the dribble, making him very difficult to stay in front of for opposing defenders. When he gets into the paint, he can use a variety of finishes as well as set up teammates for scoring opportunities. He's got a lot of tools in his bag and has the makings of a solid PG prospect.

Keenan Gray, Game Elite Snipers

Gray ended the weekend as the leading scorer in the 16U division at 22 points per game. He has been one of the better sleepers that we have seen this spring as he is very tough to contain off the dribble and found success getting to the basket all weekend. He plays with high motor and a lot of physicality and has a number of crafty moves and finishes that allow him to be very productive on the offense end.

Kameron Tinsley, GATA Academy

Tinsley is a wing with great size at 6-foot-5 who can score the ball from the perimeter at a high level. He's a very good shooter from three and made 2.7 threes per game on the weekend. He also showed that he can attack closeouts and use his size to his advantage scoring the ball in the paint. Overall, he was fourth in the division in scoring at over 16 points per game.

Kohl Key, Pro One Select

Key has been a top performer at our events this spring and this weekend was no different. He stands out from the field as an absolute sniper, continuously knocking down three point shots. For the second time this spring, he led the division in three point makes, averaging close to four makes per game.

Joshua Heard, EAB Tennessee 3SSB

Heard is a very high-ceiling wing at 6-foot-5 that has a ton of versatility and does a little bit of everything. He showed that he can be a three level scorer, connecting on perimeter jumpers and putting the ball on the floor to score in the paint and in the midrange. He was also continuously a matchup problem for opposing defenses with his size and skillset. He averaged over 16 points per game on the weekend.


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