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RYZE LIVE Showcase I Best Scorers

Ty Harpring, Atlanta Timberwolves 15U

Harpring is emerging as one of the better scorers in Georgia's 2025 class. He has a ton of tools in his bag, is loaded with toughness, and can score the ball from all three levels of the floor. He scored 17 or more points in all five games for the Timberwolves, including 28 points in the championship game. Overall, he averaged over 22 points per game and did so in every way possible.

Mier Panoam, Georgia Stars 17U

It's hard to find players with the athletic abilities that Panoam has. He's always been known as a guy that can get to the rim and use that athleticism to finish at a high level. While he did plenty of that, he is also shooting the ball well from the perimeter and showed that he can stretch his range consistently. He averaged 17 points per game on the weekend, including 22 points in the championship game.

TJ Stillwell, Team Clutch Elite 15U

Want to make an impact in two games? That's just what Stillwell did, proving he can be an absolute bucket getter. He had a weekend high 43-point performance on Sunday, hitting six threes and showing that he can score from every level of the floor. He averaged 32 points in the two games he played this weekend with his aggressive all-gas-no-brakes scoring style.

Jay Boyd, Wood Elite 17U

Boyd has been a big stock riser in Georgia's 2023 class coming down the stretch of the high school season and to start the spring. He was incredibly impressive at Live Showcase I, scoring the ball at a high level playing both on and off the ball. He's a high level jump shooter in the midrange off the bounce and can extend his range beyond the three point line as well. He was consistently able to change speeds and directions well to create space for scoring opportunities.

Bronson Blair, Team SMASH 16U

Blair led the 16U division in scoring this weekend, and was very aggressive looking for his offense every game. His crazy stat comes in the form of his lowest scoring game, which was 26 points, every other performance coming at 28+ points. He shot the ball very well from three and was able to use his quickness off the dribble to get into the paint and finish.

Elijah Coleman, Georgia Soldiers 16U

We've seen Coleman post some huge scoring totals over the course of the last two years on our stage, and he continued that trend this weekend. He's incredibly good with the dribble and always seems to beat defenders off the bounce with a variety of dribble moves, keeping the ball on a string, as well as being lightning quick. He averaged over 22 points per game and is one of the best bucket getters in South Georgia.

Stefan Davidov, Atlanta Timberwolves Green 17U

We've seen Davidov near the top of our scoring lists for two events this spring, this weekend coming in at 19 points per game. He's got solid size and versatility and is able to get to his spots and convert at a high level. He shoots the ball very well from three, but also scores the ball well off the dribble, where he can pull up in the midrange or use his athletic ability to finish around the rim.


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