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RYZE Fall League Week Three: Lessons Learned

The Progression Of Cayden Charles

It's amazing what a difference only a few months can make. Allatoona senior guard Cayden Charles really made a name for himself on our stage in May, and even since then, his game has made terrific strides. His liabilities have become strengths and his strengths have remained strong, making for a very well-rounded player. His perimeter shooting was on display this week, knocking down a number of tough shots in important moments of a win over Kell.

Cherokee County on the Rise

Could this be the strongest that Cherokee County has been overall? We think so. Sure, they have had a number of very good players come through over the years, but across the board they should have some really tough teams. Sequoyah & Etowah are among the best shooting teams in the Peach State, River Ridge has tremendous size, and Creekview has looked competitive through three weeks.

Christian Heritage Solid As Usual

Christian Heritage has been one of the most disciplined teams over the first three weeks, executing at a high level, sharing the ball, and playing very good basketball as a team. Their backcourt and ability to execute should make them a tough out in 1A Private this year. Ashton Blackwell has come over from Dalton to provide a very good playmaking and defensive presence, while Jax Abernathy has the ability to really score the ball from the perimeter.


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