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Milton Tip Off Classic: Session II Lessons Learned

The night session of the Milton Tip Off Classic pitted McEachern & Norcross in the early game and Milton & Grayson in the nightcap. The four teams did not disappoint, and there were some big time performances are things learned from the night.

The Stats Won't Tell You Everything

Two of the unsung heroes tonight were Milton 2022 forward Kendall Campbell and McEachern 2021 forward Randy Brady. While both of these guys did not have the biggest scoring outputs, their presence was felt elsewhere. Campbell serves as one of Milton's lone true frontcourt players with LT Overton still on the gridiron in the football playoffs. He does everything you'd want from a forward. He plays physical, defends, draws fouls, and puts pressure on opposing forwards. He was brilliant against a Grayson team with a lot of size. On the other hand, Randy Brady did a little bit of everything for McEachern. He plays with a physicality that you love to see and can use his strength to get into the paint and in situations to make himself and teammates better. He also hits the glass and can serve as a secondary ball handler as well.

Thornton Shines in Well-Rounded Fashion

Milton 2022 guard & Ohio State commit Bruce Thornton (Pictured) has really hit his stride over the last few games for Milton, providing huge offense. Tonight, however, it was all about his scoring. And he scored in as many ways as you can. He started the game hot from three, shooting the ball as Grayson went under ball screens. As the defense extended, he started beating defenders off the bounce, getting to the rim and using a variety of moves and finishes. He ended the game with 34 points including five threes. More importantly, he did not turn the ball over despite having it in his hands a lot.

Howard Showing A Bright Future

Norcross 2024 wing Jahki Howard has emerged as one of the best young players in the state and one of the best in the Georgia's 2024 class. He has earned recent offers from Rutgers and Florida, and rightfully so. He has an extremely high ceiling and can do a little bit of everything on the perimeter. At a long 6-foot-6, he has the look of a player who will continue to blossom physically despite already being very strong and a high level athlete who can finish well above the rim with ease. He will be a name we hear from sooner rather than later on the national scene.


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