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Top Ten Series: Basketball Movies & TV Shows

While LakePoint Hoops has hit the pause button on our events, that doesn’t mean we have to stop talking about our great sport. Over the next month, our LakePoint Hoops staff members Dan McDonald and Carter Wilson will bring you rankings of different topics every single day to hopefully get you through until basketball is back on our campus.

Today, we’re starting off by rankings the five best basketball movies and/or TV shows. After reading our lists and reasoning, please go vote in our poll on our Twitter account @LakePointHoops to let us know which list you like more.

Dan McDonald

1. Blue Chips

2. He Got Game

3. Glory Road

4. Hang Time

5. White Men Can’t Jump

6. Coach Carter

7. Hoosiers

8. One Tree Hill

9. Space Jam

10. Celtic Pride

The Breakdown:

I’m a recruiting nerd, so that should explain my top three choices. The stuff that happens in Blue Chips is absolutely ridiculous (and maybe even somewhat realistic in come cases). The same goes for Jesus Shuttlesworth’s recruitment in He Got Game. Glory Road shows a little bit of the recruiting process with Coach Haskins put his first team together. If you’ve never seen Hang Time, think the basketball version of Saved By The Bell with Julie Connor being this show’s version of Kelly Kapowski and let me add that Dick Butkus is the coach. The next three could really go in any order as all three are classics but so different. If you’re a male in your early 30’s, there is probably a decent chance you dated a girl in high school who dragged you into watching One Tree Hill, and there is a decent chance you ended liking it. Space Jam and Celtic Pride are a pretty strong duo to finish off this list.

Carter Wilson

1. White Men Can't Jump

2. Space Jam

3. He Got Game

4. Blue Chips

5. Coach Carter

6. Above The Rim

7. Glory Road

8. Celtic Pride

9. Hoop Dreams

10. The Way Back

The Breakdown:

This is exactly what type of list you'd expect from a 90's kid, with seven of the ten coming from that decade; however, let me start by getting a few things off my chest. One, Hoosiers is overrated. Two, One Tree Hill? Come on, Dan. White Men Can't Jump is the best basketball movie of all time, hands down. Billy Hoyle and Sidney Deane are two fantastic characters, and the movie is the ultimate ode to basketball in the early 90's from it's fashion to it's slang. Space Jam, He Got Game, Blue Chips, and Coach Carter are all staples in basketball culture and movies every hoophead has seen multiple times. Hoop Dreams is an iconic basketball documentary that pairs the successes and falls of two high school players from different worlds. The Way Back is probably the one you have not seen, as it released right before the quarantine began, but it is one you'll want to see after all of this is over. Last, as a fan of sneaker culture, my top picks all include an iconic basketball shoe from the Nike Air Command Force in White Men Can't Jump to the Jordan 11 in Space Jam to the Jordan 13 in He Got Game.


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