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Lemon Street Classic: Day Two Notes

Day Two of the Lemon Street Classic at Marietta featured some great matchups, player performances, and opportunities for players to showcase themselves in front of college coaches. After a full six games, there were plenty of thoughts and notes to go through. Here are a few of those thoughts:

- The nightcap game between Evans and Norcross was one of the best games that I've seen all year. The high level back-and-forth was fun to watch. Norcross threw some good punches at the Knights throughout and it seemed like Evans had a counter-punch each and every time.

- Evans guard/wing Rashad King was the player of the day for me. At one point in my notes, I just wrote "Rashad King is really good". At a strong 6-foot-5 he is multi-positional in every sense. He can play the lead guard, he can play off the ball, and he can defend both guards and forwards. He was knock-down from three in the win tonight, but he makes great reads, has a knack for finding teammates, and gets everything in the flow of the offense without forcing. He's a no-brainer Division I prospect.

- Grovetown senior guard Julius Brown was the high scorer of the day with a 40-spot against Heritage. He was a sharp-shooter from three and attacked close-outs to get to the rim and finish as well as get to the line. Impressive performance from the senior guard.

- I love the way Columbia 2022 forward Mason Lockhart rebounds the ball. He is one of the best glass-eaters in the Peach right now. He can instinctually high point the ball and attack it. If there are 50/50 rebounds, he comes down with it every time.

- Discovery guard Ian Davis is tailor made for the modern style of basketball. His ability to shoot the ball and defend his position will get him onto a college floor sooner rather than later. He was a sniper today, and I love how he is unafraid to pull the trigger when he gets his chances.

- Tri-Cities guard and Vanderbilt signee Peyton Daniels played with as much poise as I've seen him play with. He had a calm, collected demeanor and played fantastic. He was never rattled, got to the rim whenever he wanted to, and was really crafty finishing in the paint. I like what the Commodores are getting with him.

- McEachern senior wing Bobby Moore did some really good things tonight in a win over Miller Grove. He provided an energy that got his team going. He hit the glass hard and had some high level finishes in the paint and from three.

- Miller Grove unsigned senior guard Zyair Greene scored the ball really well and had some of the college coaches in attendance buzzing. He shot the ball at a really high level and showed that he can be a floor general while letting his offense come to him. With his scoring and shooting ability, he will be a guard for college coaches to keep track of in the next couple of months.

- Norcross freshman wing Jahki Howard is special. We've seen the athleticism time and time again, but tonight he shot the ball at a good clip and his activity level on the glass was a difference maker for the Blue Devils. As he continues to progress, you will hear his name come up in the national conversation.


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