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Georgia 2025 Travel Series Stock Risers

Lawrence Sanford

Sanford was a big reason for Cherokee's run in the state tournament, including a huge performance in the state semifinals. This travel season he has a chance to establish himself among Georgia's best guards in 2025. He's lightning quick with a ton of moves in his bag and has shown that he can be an effective three level scorer as well as a playmaker off the bounce.

Connor Teasley

Teasley really jumped onto the scene this season as a sophomore at Peachtree Ridge, showing that he is consistently productive and can put up some big numbers. He's very good off the dribble and is always looking to be in attack mode. He can make shots off the bounce and off of the catch and has the ability to score the ball from every level. He's a guy to watch for in Georgia's 2025 class this spring.

Caleb Jones

Jones proved that he is a very notable scorer during the high school season, where he helped lead Benedictine to the state semifinals. He averaged over 20 points per game on the season and can score the ball in a number of ways. Savannah is consistently producing very good players down on the coast, and he could be the next in line of those guys, and has the ability to prove that this travel season.

Zach Bleshoy

Bleshoy has the size and skill level as a point guard that make him a very notable guard in Georgia's 2025 class. His savvy, IQ, and passing ability are beyond his years and he also has the ability to score the ball and make plays off the dribble. He's at the helm of a good Atlanta Timberwolves team this travel season that should catch a lot of eyes.

Aiden Weaver

Weaver has made great strides with his skill level, and he could continue that development this travel season. He's one of Georgia's best athletes regardless of class. That raw athleticism gives him the ability to be productive on both ends and as his skill level continues to catch up to it, he could become very dangerous all over the floor. He has a very high ceiling and could boost his stock this travel season.


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