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Georgia 2025 Stock Risers Part 1

Lawrence Sanford, Cherokee

Sanford has established himself as one of the top guards in the Peach. He's put up some monster scoring numbers this season and is one of the quickest and most electric guards in the state off the dribble. However, he has made big strides as a playmaker, passer, and decision maker, and he has shown the ability to consistently make reads with the ball in his hands. He has the potential to skyrocket in the coming months.

Zach Bleshoy, Pope

Bleshoy has all of the abilities that you like to see from a lead guard with the size and measureables to go with it at 6-foot-4. He can impact games with his scoring and his passing and can consistently make reads out of ball screen situations. He's a three level scorer and usees his size and physicality to his advantage getting to the rim and finishing. His size and skill level will make him a very valuable recruit in Georgia's 2025 class and don't be surprised if his recruitment takes off when college programs start to focus on their 2025 classes.

Marcus Gillespie, Clarke Central

Gillespie is absolutely wired to score and is one of the best scorers in the Peach regardless of class. He has had multiple games of 30+ and 40+ points and that won't be stopping any time soon. Scorers and creators are at an all time premium and that will make him a high priority guy as the focus for college programs shifts to the 2025 class. He's got the size, physical tools, and natural, instinctual abilities that make him one of Georgia's most dangerous players on the offensive side.

Eric Chatfield, Pace Academy

Chatfield is one of the most well-rounded guards in Georgia's 2025 class and can make his impact in a variety of ways and on both sides of the ball. He's a true three level scorer that can create for himself and teammates off the dribble and can play both on and off the ball. He's also one of the best backcourt defenders in the state and can pressure the ball and create turnovers and opportunities in the open floor. He's recently gained offers from Southern Indiana & Richmond this season, but look for his list to grow in the coming months.

Josiah Parker, Lee County

One of the best players in South Georgia, Parker has the offensive versatility to make him an absolute matchup nightmare. At 6-foot-7, he can play both on the perimeter and the interior and can make his mark both scoring and making plays. He's very good off the dribble and is a very good passer with great vision. He can also hit the glass on both ends and be very productive as a rebounder. He will be a guy that has gets a lot of curiosity from Division I programs as we move towards the spring.


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