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Commitment Breakdown: Jakai Newton to Indiana

Newton 2023 guard Jakai Newton has committed to Indiana. He is one of the first top players from the Peach State's 2023 class to make his decision and is a consensus top-75 player in the country.

At a strong and athletic 6-foot-3, he has the size and physical tools that you like to see from a high major guard prospect. He gets off the floor very well and has the athleticism and mobility to be a very good defensive player at the next level.

Offensively, he is a true three-level scorer and is effective playing with the ball in his hands as well as off the ball. He possesses a very good shooting stroke from three, and he can attack closeouts to get into the paint as well. He is very efficient with his dribbles and always seems to fit within the flow of his team's offense. He also always plays with a high intensity and activity level, rebounding well out of the backcourt, getting to lose balls, creating deflections, and defending at a high level.

Overall, Newton has a game that will translate well to the next level, and he will be a good piece in Indiana's 2023 class for the Hoosier coaching staff, who have good roots in Georgia between head coach and former Atlanta Hawks head coach Mike Woodson as well as assistant coach Yasir Rosemond, who was instrumental in his recruitment.


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