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The Hundred Session III Top Performers Pt. 3

Jackson Williams, OTP NXT

Williams jumped onto our radar this weekend as a very notable player in Georgia's 2026 class. His movement and athleticism in the backcourt were difference makers for OTP on both ends of the floor and he showed great flashes of being able to score the ball from every level of the floor, hitting shots from three and attacking off the dribble. Combine that with his size at 6-foot-4 and you have a very good prospect in 2026.

Grant Heerin, Hoop Atlanta Orange

Heerin has a ton of toughness in the backcourt and it shows on both ends of the floor. He is not afraid to be physical and mix it up a little bit. He's a solid attacker on the offensive end, consistently looking to get to the rim and score the ball. He also showed the ability to knock down shots from three or pull up in the midrange. He averaged 16 points on the weekend and looked very solid.

Jaden Johnson, Atlanta Celtics 3SSB 2027

Whether he was playing on or off the ball, Johnson did a great job of playmaking and scoring this weekend for the Celtics. He found a lot of success off the dribble, consistently beating primary defenders and making the right reads and getting the ball where it needed to go. He was a shot maker from three and also had a number of finishes in the paint, including a very effective floater. He was one of the better guards overall in the field.

Tatum Holmes, SEBA Warriors

Holmes has impressed our staff this spring with his versatility and ability to do a little bit of everything on the floor. He;s got very good size on the wing at 6-foot-5 and can guard multiple positions on the defensive side of the floor. He brings a high activity level and hits the glass hard as well. Offensively, he's an effective finisher around the rim and has shown the ability to step out and hit shots from three.

Sean Capshaw, TN Impact 2026 Fam

Capshaw was consistently in double figures this weekend for Tennessee Impact and came up big in their biggest games of the weekend, including scoring 24 points in a semifinals win. He's an athletic player on the wing who can score the ball both attacking and shooting from three off the catch. He's very good in the open floor and he's a notable presence on the defensive side of the floor, helping to create turnovers and get in transition.

Brady McNally, Auburn Raptors

McNally was one of the top overall scorers in the 15U division at 17 points per game. He gets most of his work done off the dribble whether it's connecting on perimeter shots off the bounce of attacking the paint. He's very crafty with the ball in his hands and has a number of deceptively quick moves that he uses to get by defenders and get to the rim. He showed that he can do it from every level of the floor this weekend and that his skill level is very high for a young guard.

Jack Maloney, Iron City Hoops Forbes

Maloney showed that he can be an effective scorer playing both on and off the ball this weekend and finished the weekend among the top scorers in the field in 17U at 19 points per game. He's a good floor stretcher with the ability to knock down shots off the catch. He also attacked closeouts very well and showed a number of crafty finishes with both hands in the paint, often finishing around much bigger defenders.

Ty Harpring, OTP NXT

Harpring is a strong-bodied guard that can flat out score it from every level of the floor. He's a very good three point shooter, but he's also a guy that can do it from every level of the floor and makes it look easy in the process, rarely over-dribbling or forcing anything. He's a very good competitor on both ends of the ball and provides a tough presence on the floor. He gets college-level type of buckets, and that ability should get him a lot of attention from college coaches this summer.


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