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RYZE UP Senior Showcase Evaluations Pt. 3

Aidan Bevrotte, Sandy Creek (Pictured)

Bevrotte was solid across the board at camp this past weekend. He's got great size at 6-foot-7 and his game allows him to be versatile and play inside-out. He scores the ball well on the interior and passes the ball very well out of the post and mid-post. He also steps out and can shoot the ball from the perimeter as well as put the ball on the floor when needed. He rebounds the ball well and gives some added strength to hold down the paint.

Caleb Blackwell, Grayson

Blackwell was one of the best floor generals in camp. His abilities fit very well for the next level as he is advanced in his abilities to keep turnovers down and production high. He's very good in ball screens and has the ability to make reads and stay patient with the ball in his hands. He's a creative finisher around the rim with both hands and consistently was able to beat defenders with his quickness off the bounce and finish around the rim.

Valdy Zephir, Walnut Grove

Zephir was one of the best bigs that we had in camp. He has a big, strong frame and uses it to his advantage very well. He scores the ball inside out and was very effective both in the post making moves on the block and stepping out and knocking down shots from the perimeter and in the midrange. One aspect of his game that really stood out was his ability to make great passes out of the post and he found teammates for good looks consistently.

Isaiah Pettigrew, Hillgrove

The notes that Pettigrew's coach gave on him started with an all caps "HIGH ENERGY GUY!", which speaks to his motor. He was the hardest playing player in camp, making some wowing energy plays. He was consistently hitting the boards or blocking shots on the defensive end and sprinting the floor hard to get opportunities in the open floor. His activity level will make him a very productive guy when he finds his home at the next level and coaches will love his motor.

Michael Uchehara, Arlington Christian

Uchehara was one of the better sleepers on the day. He's a guard with a strong build that can be productive in multiple areas. He rebounded the ball at a very high level out of the backcourt and pushed hard in transition to create opportunities for easy buckets in the open floor. He was very good defensively as well and with his physical tools could defend both positions in the backcourt.

Jayden Davis, Redan

Davis stood out with his abilities on both ends of the floor. He's got a ton of quickness side-to-side, which allows him to be a pesky defender and pressure the ball in space. He was consistently able to create turnovers by getting under opposing ball handlers and making it difficult. Offensively, he shoots the ball very well from the perimeter and was very reliable in catch-and-shoot situations.

Nyle Hillmon, Pebblebrook

Hillmon was a big part of Pebblebrook's success this season, and he continued to show his abilities at our Senior Showcase. He has the ability to score from all three levels of the floor and he can create off the bounce for himself as well as teammates. He consistently was able to find success creating offense off the dribble. He also excels on the defensive side of the floor, taking on any challenge that came his way on that end.

Avery Marshall, Harrison

It's hard to find an area of the game where Marshall is not sound. He's very steady, poised, and composed, which is exactly what you'd expect from a good point guard and floor general. He shoots the ball well from three and can also use the dribble to get in the paint for crafty finishes. He always seems to take care of the ball and find a way to make good things happen when he's on the floor.

Kam Callahan, Cartersville

Callahan is a natural scoring guard. He has the ability to beat you from all over the floor, whether it's shooting the ball from the perimeter or attacking the rim off the dribble. His natural scoring instincts are always on display, and that will make him a productive guy putting points on the board at the next level. It's no surprise why he was able to put up the numbers he did this past season.

Lebrun Northington, Northgate

Northington's coach described him as a great glue-guy. He's got great size on the wing, brings a lot of versatility, and can do a variety of things on the floor. He's a strong finisher at the rim and can finish off plays through contact. He plays with a good activity level and hits the glass hard. He's also a multi-positional defender, which makes him a fit for the modern-day style of basketball with his versatility.

Kendrick Merritt, Lithonia

Merritt was in attack mode consistently. His aggressive nature on both ends of the floor was fun to watch as he constantly pressured the ball defensively and looked to attack the rim and finish on the offensive end. He really excels in a fast-pace and he's a very electric player in the open floor. He shot the ball well from the perimeter on the day as well.

Mehki Mathis, Miller Grove

Mathis is a high-IQ player that is always willing to make the right plays. He's a very composed floor general and plays with great poise and pace. He's shifty with the ball in his hands and can change speeds off the bounce to beat defenders and create offense. He has some great qualities that you like to see from a young point guard, which should do well for him moving forward.


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