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RYZE Tip Off Classic Top Performers Pt. 2

Bubba Brown, Game Elite 3SSB

When you watch Brown play, it's hard to believe that he's a 2028 prospect. He plays with a ton of maturity, poise, and toughness. He stuffs a stat sheet across the board, plays both sides of the ball at a very high level, and makes a ton of winning plays. He showed that he can play the role of both playmaker and scorer, making the right plays at the right times and doing exactly what the situation called for. He shot it at a high level from three and in the midrange and was a tough finisher at the rim. Defensively, he has elite abilities. He's incredibly tough to beat off the bounce and consistently caused turnovers and got his team some easy buckets in transition. He was one of the best players in the gym this weekend, if not the best.

Tre Keith, AE5 3SSB

Keith is one of the best players in Georgia's 2027 class, and he showed exactly why this weekend. He's never rattled, doesn't feel pressured, and always dictates the tempo and imposes his game on opposing defenses. He's a very good scorer, doing it from every level of the floor, but consistently showed an elite ability to beat defenders off the bounce and get to the rim. He makes all the reads with the ball in his hands and does everything you need to have from a lead guard. He's the guy you want running your team.

Jacob Zhu, Team Person Red

Zhu has a ton of weapons in his arsenal with a deep bag of moves off the dribble and a number of different ways that he can score the ball. He shoots the ball well from the perimeter and consistently showed the ability to hit tough shots off the bounce. He averaged over 18 points per game on the weekend. While his scoring always stands out, he also has the ability to make reads in both isolation and ball screen situations and can make the right passes at the right times as well.

Jaye Nash, AOT

College programs needing a point guard late in their 2024 class will want to get eyes on Nash. He made a glaring difference when he was added to the AOT lineup on Saturday and makes the team go in a number of different ways. He's a floor general and really excels getting his teammates involved and making plays off the dribble. He can also really score it off the dribble and uses his physicality to convert in the paint. That physicality also comes into play on the defensive side, where he can really guard the ball and put pressure on opposing guards.

DJ Hall, Sewer South

Hall was one of the bigger 2027 standouts in the field this weekend, and was very good scoring the ball at over 18 points per game. He has very good athleticism and physicality, which make him difficult to handle off the dribble. He was impressive as an attacker and constantly got to the rim and converted. He also consistently drew contact and got to the free throw line as well. While he got a lot of his work done off the bounce, he also showed he can play off the ball and connect on shots from three off the catch.

Esmer Madesko, North Atlanta Orangemen

Madesko was a top performer at The Warmup a couple weeks ago, and he finds himself in the same place for Tip Off. He was among the top scorers in the field, averaging 26 points per game. He gets most of his work done off the dribble, where he has a ton of patience with the ball in his hands and can seemingly always get where he wants to go to put the ball in the basket. He's a very good finisher around the rim and can also hit shots from the perimeter and in the midrange. College programs looking for a scorer in their 2024 classes will want to give him a look .

Cedric Cisse, Carolina Pressure

Cisse is a very tough guard who can make plays off the dribble as well as make a difference on the defensive side of the floor. He's a strong and physical playmaker who can beat defenders off the dribble and get on the interior of the defense and either score around the rim or find teammates for scoring opportunities. He also showed that he can create problems for opposing guards with his on-ball defense and has a high level of awareness on the defensive side of the floor.

Jalen Heard, STARS Basketball Club Premier

Heard has the ability to play both backcourt spots and really showed his scoring prowess this weekend. He was tough to contain off the bounce and showed burst and quickness getting to the rim and finishing consistently. He also had success shooting the ball from three and playing off the ball as well. When he was run off the line, he got downhill and got to the rim as well as found teammates for scoring chances as well.


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