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Notable Unsigned Wings & Bigs in Georgia

Josiah Lawson, Tucker

Lawson is one of the best frontcourt bucket getters in the state and Division I programs looking for a versatile scorer late in their recruiting classes should be giving him a look. He has natural scoring instincts and can do it both off the catch and off the dribble. He's very dangerous on the perimeter as a shooter and in the mid-post with his face-up game. He's put up some big numbers consistently this season and is a big reason why Tucker has had a lot of success this season.

Blake Wilson, Hebron Christian

Wilson has a ton of physical gifts with his size, strength, and athleticism. However, his skillset has come a long way over the past couple of years and continues to develop at a rapid rate. He's always been an interior force with his ability to finish around the rim and hit the glass hard. He's expanded on that with his shooting from the perimeter and ability to step out and put the ball on the floor and attack the rim. He's physically ready to contribute to a program, which makes him a very good option for college coaches.

Trey Scott, Mount Vernon

Division I programs needing a floor-stretcher should be all over Scott. He's an elite shooter from the perimeter with the size to match at 6-foot-10. He's very much a fit to the modern style of basketball with the ability to pull opposing bigs away from the paint and open the floor for teammates as well as score from three. He's caught fire from three in a number of games this season and will be a good option for Division I programs needing a big late.

Joah Chappelle, Dutchtown

Chappelle has been one of the more asked-about prospects of the season with his size and versatility at 6-foot-7. He has the ability to play on the interior and on the perimeter and can play the role of playmaker and finisher. He's also a multi-positional defender who can also make an impact creating turnovers and protecting the rim. He's a do-it-all, positionless type of player who projects well moving to the next level with a diverse set of abilities.

Cannon Richards, Kell

Richards is another attractive option for Division I programs needing a high-energy forward late in their recruiting classes. He's one of the best rebounders in the state and is relentless on the boards on both sides of the floor. He's an athletic finisher at the rim and has shown he can stretch the floor and connect on perimeter shots off the catch. He's a guy that can make a huge impact on both ends of the floor without the ball in his hands, which should translate very well to the next level.

Cam James, Chattahoochee

James is a long, versatile, 6-foot-4 shot maker that can get it done from every level of the floor. He can score off the catch and off the bounce, can connect on shots from three and in the midrange, as well as get to the rim and score through contact in the paint. He has ideal size on the wing and plays with a lot of savvy and poise. His size and skillset should make him a guy a lot of programs look at in the coming weeks.


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