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Georgia 2024 Guards to Watch in June

Michael White, Mountain View

White has been a top performer on our stage this spring and for good reason. His abilities on both ends to make things happen make him a very notable guy in Georgia's 2024 class. He always seems in command with the ball in his hands, strong with the bounce and the ability to both score and distribute. He's a very good shooter from three and can make his presence known playing both on and off the ball.

Kymel Williams, Athens Academy

Williams is one of the best two-way players in Georgia's 2024 class. He has elite level capabilities on the defensive end and uses his athleticism and strength to guard the ball and keep opposing players in front. Offensively, he's composed and poised, always looking to use his physicality to create off the dribble. He makes good reads with the ball in his hands and has great intangibles that you love to see from a floor general.

Brandon Peters, Woodward Academy

Peters has had a very good spring and has made his impact as a very notable college prospect in Georgia's 2024 class. He has tremendous physical abilities with his explosion off the floor combined with his strong frame, which makes him a factor on both sides of the floor. We've seen complete offensive games from him: attacking off the dribble, getting to the rim, shooting from three, and creating for teammates. College programs will want to see him this June.

Noah Treadwell, Washington

Treadwell is a big time sleeper and showed why all spring. He's got good size and versatility and brings a great skillset and ability to score to the table. He uses his strong frame off the dribble to get to the rim but he also makes shots consistently from three and in the midrange. He rebounds the ball very well from the backcourt and has loads of toughness to his game as well. He received his first offer from Georgia State earlier this spring.

Anthony Alston, Grayson

Alston should catch some eyes with Grayson this June. He ended the high school season on a big note and his play has been strong as well this spring. He's a very good shotmaker with the athleticism to make eye opening plays at the rim and on the defensive side of the floor. His ability to score from every level of the floor should make him an attractive prospect for Division I programs.

Tahai Morgan, Lanier

Morgan is one of the biggest competitors in Georgia's 2024 class. His energy is always high and he flat out gets after it on both ends of the floor. He's one of Georgia's best backcourt defenders regardless of class and has the ability to pressure the ball and make things difficult for opposing guards. Offensively, he can use his quickness to get by primary defenders and get to the rim. He also can make shots from three and in the midrange.


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